World’s Best Art Destinations

World's Best Art Destinations

We’ve rounded up some of the World’s Best Art Destinations in the below.

The Louvre, Paris

This French gem is located in Paris. It boasts of more than 35,000 of the world’s best pieces of artworks. You get the chance to behold the famous Monalisa, which was done by Leonardo da Vinci ages ago. The pyramid outdoors is art in its own right.

Goreme Open Air Museum, Turkey

If you are in for some outdoor action, you can behold these open air museums in Turkey. It is made up of more than 30 cave churches who’s inside are fresco artworks painted into the walls.

Crown Fountain at Millennium Park, Chicago

This park has many items to enjoy including the towers. This is one of the best examples of art in the modern times as it combines live events on the large screens with artistic pieces such as water fountains.

Vatican Museums, Vatican City

If you want to see Michelangelo at his best, simply pay the Vatican Museums in the Vatican City a visit. Although the great artist preferred making sculptures and not painting, he created a painted roof like no other. You can enjoy other museums in the city.

Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

This is an indoor exhibition of ancient civilizations from all around. You can see temples from ancient Greece, the Roman empire, ancient Egypt and other civilizations from the East. They are actual replicas of the temples and other structures for these civilizations. They are also big enough to walk inside all while inside the building.

Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid

When the Basque town of Guernica, Spain was bombed by planes in 1937, one of the best artists to ever live, Pablo Picasso, set to create a picture of the plight of the people and their lives. Simply called Guernica, the painting (and many others) can be seen at the Museo Reina Sofia museum.

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

This museum has all the great pieces of art from the Dutch Golden Age. During this age, the Dutch were a great civilization dealing in various items of trade and other progressive endeavors. The best pieces of art from this era are present to showcase the might the Dutch at their best.

Storm King Art Center, New York State

This open field has some of the cleverest ideas about art. It is a field of 500 acres with pieces of art located in strategic areas. The artists are famous names of our time such as Mark di Suvero whose Mozart’s Birthday is a favorite of many visitors.

Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan

This church has one of the most famous pieces of art to the world. During the Second World War, the bombs dropped on this Dominican convent located in Milan almost destroyed Leonardo da Vinci’s famous The Last Supper. Luckily, it is still there for your eyes only.

Lakshmana Temple, India

Dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu, this central Indian temple had many intriguing images of the god and many others all adorning the walls.

All these locations and more can be accessed at any time one wishes to visit them. However, actual visits will make the experience very much better than a picture can.

Author bio: Rana Tarakji is an entrepreneur and a contributing writer at Stylerail, a lifestyle blog as well as Sataco; a company in Lebanon specialized in balancing and rewinding generators.

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