Why You Need to Visit Coffee Bay Wild Coast in South Africa?

The Coffee Bay Wild Coast is regarded as one of the remote stretches of shoreline in South Africa. This stretches from East London in Eastern Cape to the Port Edward and KwaZulu-Natal as the southern border. It is located 400 Km away than the city of Durban and 200 from East London. The resort place is located 80Km towards southeast of Viedgesville
Coffee Bay Wild Cost in South Africa

Why Must You Take A Visit?

This region is considered as the most beautiful coastal scenery all around the world. The steep green hills atop, windswept cliffs, forest, untamable waves, and deserted white-beaches and numerous of shipwrecks would certainly get you amazed.

Among all these, the main centre of attraction of this location is the Hole in the Wall that describes the full beauty extent of this destination. The Hole in the Wall is a geographical marvel which is an offshore stack of rock which has eroded to form a hole.

How Would You Travel To This Amazing Location?

You can board on flights to East London or Durban as these are the closes airports to this resort place. If you wish to travel on the road, then you can take the N2 road and travel to Vidgesville through Idutywa and Qunu where you would have to take a right diversion at Swalala bottle store.

You can find other roads on the way, but you have to drive to Coffee Bay. You would find a gravel road that lies along the coast and for driving about 7 or 8 KM; you would get down to the destination.

What Are The General Activities That The Tourists Remain Engaged With?

Though the Coffee Bay Wild Coast is not glamorous as other popular beaches, it is accessed by tourists from all around the world to fulfil their desires of adventures. Local, as well as foreign travellers, access this destination.

The tourists, who are hikers, nature lovers, surfers, and cyclists, love to access this place. The tourists also love to bath in the warm waters.

Extra Information about Coffee Bay Wild Coast

This is the birthplace of the world famous South African Former Presidents Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki. This is also the traditional home to Xhosa nation. For its beauties, the United Kingdom’s Prince Harry and Prince William explored the region on Bike in 2008. For its varied features, the Wild Coast would certainly create an impression in your mind.

You can find good facility of accommodation and at cheap rates in comparison to the destinations that are widely popular in South Africa. As the region is remote, it is advised to pre-plan your trip. You have a good story to know about after accessing the destination from the locals. There are numerous of stories related to the destination about the formation of the Hole in the Wall as well as the name tagged as Coffee Bay.

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