Where The Flamenco Beach Puerto Rico Is Located?

Flamenco Beach Puerto Rico is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If you are a nature lover and love to get down to the beaches, then Flamenco Culebra beach is the destination which you should plan your trip in the vacations.

It is located on the Caribbean Island of Culebra. It is considered as the most impressive public beach. This beach was ranked as the 3rd best beach in world.

Why Must You Visit The Flamenco Beach This Summer?

The Flamenco Beach Puerto Rico is popular for its shallow turquoise waters. The white sands of the beach would make you amazed. This is a great destination for the persons who are longing fun in an exciting way for the swimming areas, sports fishing and diving sites in numbers.

This is one of the ancient wildlife preserves in US. The waters are home to several species of rare fishes, like parrot fish, blue tang, wrasse species and numerous of other Caribbean sea fish species. You can find the ghost crabs that are very famous all around the world. You can find more than 50,000 sea birds as in summers these birds nest around here.

How to Travel To This Place?

You can get down to this Flamenco Beach Puerto Rico on-air either or by a ferry. If you are planning to travel on air, then you can get flights departing from Luis Munoz Marin International Airport. You can directly arrive at Culebra’s airport.

From the airport itself, you can get a taxi to Flamenco Beach. If you are traveling by Ferry, then you need to arrive at Fajardo and then again travel to Culebra on Ferry. If you travel by ferry, then you would take around 50 minutes to arrive at the port. From there you can hire a taxi to reach the Flamenco beach.

What All Activities Can You Perform Over Here?

You can enjoy swimming and take a sun-bath in this exotic beach. The areas are designated as buoys and the shallow waters ensure a safe environment for swimmers as well as non-swimmers.  If you are adventurous then there are reefs around the beach, you can enjoy scuba and snorkelling.

You can also enjoy fishing and take a stroll of the marine world invading the marine wildlife. The soft white sand amazingly would keep your kids engaged. They can play the sand games, like building castles and manholes!

You simply can enjoy strolling in the surrounding area. You can hire water taxi and ride out the Culebrita Island and Luis Pena Island. You can arrange campgrounds with your friends or family and enjoy the evenings. You need to take permit for this.

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