Where Is Pigeon Point Tobago Located?

Pigeon Point Tobago is now popular as Pigeon Point Heritage Park-PPHP. This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Tobago. This Pigeon Point Heritage Park is located on the southwest side of Tobago.

Trinidad and Tobago are the twin Island country that is situated on the northern edge of South America mainland that lies 11Km off the coast of north-eastern Venezuela and 130 Km south of Grenada. This borders the Caribbean in the north and also shares with other nations.

Why Must You Visit This Resort Place?

Being the most beautiful beach it is a dwelling place for the world famous thatch-roofed jetty. It is considered as the signature of the Island. This resort space includes a long stretch of white sand beach with the aquamarine waters.

The swaying coconut trees, white sand, and sparking waters is certainly an exciting combination that attracts visitors from all around the world. You can get the best tourist amenities and water-sports shops with bars and restaurants that would be an add-on to your trip.

Being in the peninsular region, you can reap maximum fun of the beach location. The coastal and marine diversity of this resort location is unlike the other Caribbean islands. Flora and fauna are certainly to make you go amazed.

What Is The Transportation Facility?

The Island Trinidad and Tobago has a good network of highways and roads. This land is even well connected via Ferries that connects Port of Spain with Scarborough and San Fernando. You can travel to the beach by bus, taxis or even through mini-busses.

If you want to take the sea route, then you have the option of inter-island ferries and inter-city water taxis. The Piarco International Airport is the location where you can arrive and hire a taxi to travel to the most exotic and beautiful Island.

What Enjoyments Can You Reap At The Resort Destination?

You can get yourself engaged in the beach activities. This is considered as the tourist hotspot for its extraordinary beauty of the beach. You can keep yourself engaged in photography and can even enjoy the surfing, swimming and can even take sunbath lying at the beach.

If you are fond of sports, then you can play beach football. You have lots of more fun to do which you can figure out once you get at the place.

Extra Facts about Accessing Pigeon Point Tobago

For admission into Pigeon Point Heritage Park, you have to pick tickets paying $1.50 USD for kids and $3 USD for adults. If you are picking up beach chair and umbrella, then you have to pay the rental charges.

You do have the facilities for washrooms and beach huts at free of cost. If you have planned for vacation of multiple days, then you can purchase a weekly pass that would cost$8 USD for kids and $16 USD for adults. The timing to visit this resort place is 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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