Venice Beach California United States

Venice, the pride of tourism in Southern California, has been a perfect and pleasant hangout for the creative and the artistes; while it draws attention of beach lovers and persuades them to plan memorable trip to the wonderful land in a way like never before. Today, the beautiful area is of Southern California has been contributing a tradition of progressive social change that involve prominent Westsiders.Venice-Beach-Palm

Talking about the beautiful Venice beach, it is called and counted as the best beach parallel to the beach of Muscle Beach – the handball courts, the paddle tennis courts, skate dancing plaza and various beach volleyball court. Along with beach, what draws attention of tourists towards the beautiful area is the basketball courts in Venice that are famous across the country for their high level of street ball and numerous NBA players gained global popularity from these courts.VeniceBeach

Not to mention the local surf spots that include the Venice Breakwaters that is an acclaimed local surf spot in Venice located north of the Venice Pier and lifeguard headquarters along with south of Santa Monica Pier.VeniceCa

Venice Beach Boardwalk – A Must to See Destination Once in a Life

If you are in Venice and planning a trip to famous beach, then your beach would be counted as incomplete without visiting Venice Beach Boardwalk. Stretching about one a half miles along the manicured sands of the Pacific Ocean, the beautiful boardwalk is a large part of what makes Venice unique. You will see here hundreds of street vendors and performers like break-dancing to broken glass walking. There is a lot more that will surely persuade you to travel here again and again and plan a wonderful holidays that will surprise you to travel again and again.VeniceC_a

West side is also wonderful that offers unique arts and crafts along with odds and ends. You will see paintings, photos, rocks of various sorts and sculptures that are among the popular offerings. There are tattoo and piercing stores along with skate and surf shops as well as medical marijuana dispensaries and more to see here and to enjoy your holidays.Venice-CA

What Draws Attention at Beach Boardwalk

Not to mention large selection of restaurants, juice spots and bars that are sure to keep you surprised and provide you more reasons to explore the real hidden treasure of beach beauty. The boardwalk has more diversity in demographics and retail then probably anywhere else in the world. There is reason it so famous. The beautiful 2.5km boardwalk is famous for bike path, roller skaters, skateboards ramps, restaurants, sunglasses and plenty of tourists. The beautiful beach is famous for muscle beach as you will see body builders working out here. Not to mention the name of famous body builder and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger worked out Muscle Beach and made Gold’s Gym famous.Venice-CA-Canal-1909

Book Attractive Packages to Explore Venice Beach in California In United States of America

Whether you are planning to explore the real pleasure and fun of your beach holidays or want to celebrate it with your family or sweetheart, you will get something memorable and enticing. Planning to book Venice beach holiday packages in California in United States of America is a good way of exploring what you want. There is a lot more that you will see and get here. You have to choose the right package. Trip4Holidays has been providing you precise information about the beautiful beach destination that will surprise you.

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