Unawatuna Beach: A Perfect Combo of Greatest Biodiversity, Adventure, Beach Beauties and Some Tranquility

Unawatuna beach has been one of the prime sightseer destinations. Many would love to go gaga while depicting the beauty of the beaches and corals here, without getting tired. Unawatuna is undoubtedly blessed with affluent biodiversity.

If you are in the hunt of best eco-tourism this holiday season, there can’t be any apt idea than Unawatuna.
Unawatuna beach

What to Do At Unawatuna?

Explore The Greatest Biodiversities:

Post coming across the biodiversity here, one can soon realize how big and full of multifariousness this earth is. More than seventy species of birds make the environment absolutely poetic. Moreover, all these species are rare of the rarest. Starting from the egrets to the kingfishers, each of these birds is thoroughly mesmerizing.

You can say these birds are the reasons that Unawatuna has been one of the most visited destinations among the Ornithologists. Rumassala Hillock being specific can offer you the closest experience with these birds.

Birds apart, Unawatuna can be a perfect destination for exploring the largest varieties of aquatic living organisms like a great variety of fishes, turtles, etc.

The calm surrounding of Unawatuna can even turn the most fickle personalities go tranquil. Things can be even blissful if you pay a visit to Japnese Peace Pagoda. It’s been one of the favorite destinations for spirituality practice, especially for meditation.


Lion’s parts of the tourists to Unawatuna fly here to make the most of the beaches. The views of the beaches here are simply magical. You can’t just stay timid here; the aesthetic views force you to get juvenile. Unawatuna beach sees no scarcity of tourists throughout the year. Among others, the Jungle Beach is also one of the ever crowded destinations in Unawatuna.

Scuba and Snorkelling:

Unawatuna is one of the favorite destinations among millions of adventure enthusiasts. Especially, it’s considered the best for scuba and Snorkeling activities. Scuba diving and enjoying the submarine bio-diversities is a matter of experience; it can’t be expressed in words. Fret not if you are a tyro on this matter. Unawatuna scuba and snorkeling schools can soon turn you an expert. It’s been one of the best destinations for sea diving as well.

Take Some Yummy and Correct Your Shape As Well!

A trip to Unawatuna can fine-tune your physique like never before. There are so many enchanting destinations here to practice yoga. Being at Unawatuna, you should never miss an opportunity to practice yoga under the thorough supervision of globally renowned yoga teachers.

Many of the renowned Indian yoga masters have their schools here at Unawatuna. A trip here can offer you the most fulfilling Pilate experience as well. For the ladies, the spas over here have been the most explicit.

Unawatuna has been one of the finest destinations for the world best seafood. No surprise if someone says that he visits here for seafood and Wines.


Being a prominent destination for tourism, Unawatuna hardly gives you a scope to complain about communication means. The town is situated on the southern rail line that connects Colombo (capital of Srilanka) to Matara. At the same time, through A2 highway, it connects Colombo to Wellwaya.

Unawatuna is just about 110 Kilometer distance from the capital Colombo. In short, from Colombo, you can have all sorts of communications means to here, starting from airlines, roadways to railway.


  • Unawatuna has found its space in the list of top 100 beaches across the globe.
  • Interesting here is to mention that despite the deadly Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004, the beach still manages to be in top 100.

Prior Tsunami it was on the list of best 12 beaches in the world.

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