Travel Guide on Whitehaven Beach Queensland Australia

Australia is considered among the top options when it comes to visiting at a hot tourist nation. It is basically famous for its various tourist destinations especially for beaches. If you want to spend great time in a scenic location, you should not forget visiting at Whitehaven Beach Queensland Australia. It is considered among the top tourist destinations in Australia to visit.Whitehaven_Beach,_Whitsunday_Island,_Queensland

About Whitehaven Beach Queensland Australia

Whitehaven beach is basically a seven kilometers stretch along famous Whitsunday Island in Australia. Since it is a remote Island, it can only be accessed via boat, helicopter and seaplane especially from Hamilton Island and sea airlines. This amazing tourist destination can be found across from famous Chalkie’s Beach on local Haslewood Island. Since it offers great scenic beauty, amazing touring activities and yes peace of mind, most of the local and international tourists love spending their time at this great location. Apart from being one of the most visited tourist destinations in Australia, Whitehaven Beach is also famous for its Whitehaven Beach ocean swim competition. If you have keen interest in sport, you should not forget knowing about Hamilton Island Triathlon.

Things to Do @Whitehaven Beach Queensland

Are you looking for a location where you can spend your vacation with family and friends? Do you want to eliminate your usual hectic lifestyle? Are you looking for peace of mind? If your answer to above asked questions is yes, then there are lots of things to do at Whitehaven Beach Queensland. Whether you want to enjoy watching real scenic beauty of true nature or want to enjoy water sports, this tourist location has lots of things to offer you. Let’s check out what you can do at this amazing tourist spot in Australia.Whitehaven beach1

Walk on the Sand

Whether you are young or old, you would always like to be in touch with nature. If this is the case, you need to enjoy walking on real sand beach. Yes, walking in and around this tourist location can help you unveiling a new world of happiness and enjoy. If you want to rejuvenate yourself, you need to look at nowhere else but Whitehaven Beach.

Water Sports

However, it is true that smoking is prohibited at this tourist destination, but tourists can enjoy different types of water sports. Whether you want to go down deep in beach water or enjoy swimming, you will always find it a great choice to go with. It is a fact that water sports are considered as the best recreational activities when it comes to visiting at one of the best beaches in Australia.

Witnessing the Beauty of Sunset

It is a fact that you would always like to visit at a distinct tourist location. If this is the case, you should not forget carrying your digital camera while visiting at Whitehaven Beach. Since this incredible tourist spot offers amazing sunset views, you can be able to capture mesmerizing images of your journey. You can be able to click photos and shoot videos of true nature. It is certainly a distinct experience when you notice that you can be able to unlock the real beauty of the world.

Best Picnic Spot for Family Trip

It is a fact that family trip can be a right option to go with when it comes to getting rid of usual hectic lifestyle. If you want to enjoy quality time with your friends and family members, you need to look for family travel plan to visit at Whitehaven Beach. It is certainly a great picnic spot for families. Whether you want to make your children or spouse happy, you would always find visiting at this tourist destination a great decision.Whitehaven beach

Best Time to Visit @Whitehaven Beach Queensland

However, it is true that you can easily visit at this most visited tourist spot irrespective of time and location, but if you want to increase the fun, you need to visit here during the month of March to November. Yes, it is the best time period to hit this one of the most visited tourist destinations in Australia.

How to Reach @Whitehaven Beach Queensland

Proserpine and Hamilton Island are the two airports that serve the area. So, you can easily find out direct flights to these airports from all major airports in the country. By reaching at either of airports, you can easily be able to find out various boat services to reach at the Whitsunday Island. You may also hire a bus from Proserpine area to local Airlie Beach or local Shute Harbour. So, there are various transportation options to visit at this amazing beach in Australia.

Travel Packages for Whitehaven Beach Queensland

Whether you want to unlock the modern cities or beaches in Australia, you first want to know about the best travel packages or plans for Australia. It is a fact that if you want to grab best deal on visiting at a desired tourist destination, you should first focus on determining a right travel package. Now, the question arises here how to recognize a right travel plan to visit at Whitehaven Beach? For this, you first need to concentrate on evaluating your specific travel requirements and budget. For instance, you need to decide about choosing a hotel. Since there are various hotels, resorts and other accommodation options available to determine i.e. from most expensive to most affordable one. If you are looking for budget hotels in and around Whitehaven Beach area, you need to look for a travel package accordingly.

Things to Know Before Visiting @Whitehaven Beach Queensland

  • You should not forget bringing all your documents before leaving for your tourist destination.
  • If you are an international tourist, you should not forget going through a medical checkup. Since you are going to enter into a new climate situation, you need to be ready for the same.
  • You should not forget unveiling the beauty of various other tourist attractions situated in and around Whitehaven Beach Queensland.
  • While visiting at this beach, you must avoid using or doing all the prohibited things such as smoking.

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