Travel to Colombo

Catch the flight and go further on for your travel to Colombo on this Sri Lanka Holiday Package. You would be at leisure to explore the markets, do some last minute shopping or sightseeing or just relax by the pool. Travellers may feast their eyes with novices such as The National Museum of Colombo, situated in the cinnamon gardens area and housing the crown jewels.  There is also the Colombo Dutch Museum, detailing the Dutch colonial history of the country.   A small collection of Sri Lankan masterpieces at the Art Gallery in Green Path might attract the tourists, next to which is the Natural History Museum.  The Dutch Period Museum displays Dutch legacy through artifacts such as furniture, ceramics, coins, arms,   weapons, pottery, portraits and furniture from the period of Dutch rule. The Maritime Museum transports visitors through maritime history and has some fascinating antiques that were used by lighthouse keepers, pirates, and sailors.

Colombo’s Zoological Park has a wide variety of animals, birds, and reptiles and the most popular enjoyment in the zoo is the elephant show, which is held daily, and it also offers elephant and pony rides, thereby providing plenty of frolics for adults and children. The Casa Serena Art Gallery is a purpose built space, designed to exhibit a diverse array of art, photography, sculpture, video installations and craft. It focuses on contemporary and traditional arts and features the work of local and international artists.  The Gangaramaya Viharaya is probably the most famous Buddhist temple and has been making a valuable contribution to Buddhist traditions and learning and a centre for worship in Sri Lanka. The Viharamahadevi Park,   is the green lung of this capital city, and is the largest, oldest and most colourful park.  There are small ponds, occasional elephants and some interesting Buddha statues with a special children’s section which has a small train ride and a zoo of baby animals.  Swings and see-saws are among other amusement activities for your family.

Make a visit to the Dehiwela Zoo with a wide collection of fauna from all over the world. The Min Medura Aquarium has varieties of aquatic life which is spectacular, inclusive of a reptile house having a collection of cobras, vipers, and many other snake varieties. There is also a well-stocked aviary and a Butterfly Park with the highlight of an elephant show in the evening. Another incredible site is the Independence Hall at the Independence Square in Cinnamon Gardens.  Even before the Parliament was built, some claim that the Jami Ul-Alfar Mosque was recognized as the landmark of Colombo by sailors approaching the port, and the most visited tourist sites in the city. The St. Paul’s Church Milagiriya, one of the oldest churches in Sri Lanka is also a landmark, first built by the Portuguese and re-built by the British.  The Fort district also has the famous Cargills and Millers complex that is protected by a special government law from demolition, done mainly to preserve the historic beauty of the Fort area. The Wolvendaal Church is a living edifice of the Dutch colonial architecture and a monument of the Dutch Christian zeal…….go on celebrating on this added destination……on the East Himalayan Kingdom Holiday Package!

The Galle Face Green is the Colombo’s largest and most elegant promenade, lined with palm trees and adjacent to the coast, and this mile-long stretch in the heart of the city is a constant beehive of activity, as in the evening it plays host to families and children playing sports and flying kites, lovers embracing under umbrellas and health enthusiasts taking their daily evening walks.  There are numerous small food stalls and a small stretch of beach to dampen yourselves and play around with water.

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