Top Seven Digital Marketing Myths You Need To Avoid and Forget This 2017

For all those of you who have been new to the world of marketing, the term digital marketing may be hard enough to understand, let alone in order to be implemented. For the organizations located in the smaller towns it is obvious that the competitors were not using digital marketing for sure. Utilizing digital marketing especially when your competitors have been avoiding is one of the best ways you can go ahead and beat it.

One of the biggest challenges that the organizations generally face as a digital marketing organization, is helping people to understand on what we do, how we do different from the other digital marketing firms. We understand the myths are out and there are misconceptions that can happen. But we even today encourage our customers to come forward and learn the truth about digital marketing, so that they can understand how it could be used in their advanced revenue.

Any blog content is a fine content: Too many of the business enterpreneurs have turned out to be the victim of the idea that simply having a blog is sufficient. The fact of the matter that the blog content has to be worthwhile to the consumers. The blog should sound like it this is something been written by the specialists. And if this means hiring a company to handle your blogs then go ahead and do it.
Organization should be found on every social media platforms as possible: Some of the business organizations feel that they need to be on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google and every social media platform that they can actually think off. This is something that can hurt right. Though social media can be a great way of spreading your business, but if you do not have your marketing audience to spend their time then why should you come forward and do so. You are remember your valuable time and resources. Figure out what other platforms can you use and try to focus on those. Forget about the others.
image002No one wishes to read the emails anymore – it’s all about spamming them: I think it’s pretty safe to say that each and every one of us hate spam. Your emails are said to be spam only when you spam them. You will be surprised of how people wish to read your emails sent from the company if you have been sending them something that they are really been scared out. If every email that you have sent to your customer or the prospect is personal, and has something for them in value you can cut through their inbox noise pretty easily.
image003Investments should be based on the ROI: Of course we do understand the revenue is very important for a business, but we also understand that it takes time for things to happen as this is something that is constantly changing. Digital marketing has been a kind of business investment that will lead to a greater impact on the business. You may not see the a return today, tomorrow or the next day, the investments today will without any doubt pay for a long run.


Our Ads have to be visible everywhere: If you have been spending a huge amount of money to advertise their PPC Advertisements, then you actually don’t wish your ads to be seen everywhere especially in the places that will lead to a negative effect on your brand. Excluding keywords will help you make sure that you are here paying only for the clicks from people who are interested in what you have been offering.

If Rivals avoid digital marketing then even I can too: Some of the local business owners especially the smaller ones in the neighbourhood, have taken a note of their competitors who do not use social media and the other digital formats. Some do not even have a website or a blog of their own. This does not any how gives you a justification or reason for not focussing on digital marketing. Having a strategy helps in creating a simply significant advantage, and this is exactly how you beat out your competition.


Online Marketing is something that does not work: Obviously this is a broader statement to be made in order to be true. But believe it or not I have heard it said before. What you have been doing online may or may not be working, but that does not mean that online marketing is something that works. Ever heard about this phrase, it’s not you but me. So before you break up with online marketing you will here need to think about it a bit more. Could it be you, and not online marketing at fault?

If my website looks like million results am I going to see any results: I am aesthetically pleasing things, so you don’t have to take things in a wrong way. I think your website looks really great. And if it actually looks great it is never easy enough to navigate or doesn’t guide a customer through the buying process then what’s the use. Most important than designing is figuring out how the content has to be structured, and how it would be promoting a prospect to become a lead. A website does not have to sit there and look pretty, it should also be able to do some or the other work for you.


To Conclude:

There are much more digital marketing myths out there, but these should not be enough to hold on your marketing efforts. Take an extra effort in studying and knowing your market finding out the right content, digital marketing strategy helping you to connect, engage and generate profit from these target marketing audiences. So what other digital marketing myths would you like to add to the list above. Do leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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