Things to Know about Radhanagar Beach Andaman Islands, India

radhanagar beach andaman1There is no doubt that due to modern hectic lifestyle, most of the contemporary individuals have to deal with mental stress. Are you also among one of them? If yes, then you need to visit at a tourist place incorporated with natural scenic beauty. There are various top tourist destinations in India to visit, but visiting at a natural beach can help you rejuvenating yourself. You can be able to get rid of mental stress if you visit at one of the best beaches in India. When it comes to choosing a beach to visit in India, you have multiple choices to determine. You may visit beaches in Goa or Maharashtra. But if you are looking for a distinct beach in India to visit, you need to look at nowhere else but Radhanagar beach, which is situated at Andaman Islands, India. It is considered among the top beaches in India. Radhanagar beach is also famous as beach number 7 at Havelock Islands in Andaman Islands, India.Elephant Beach

Where Is Radhanagar Beach Situated?

There is an island in India called Havelock Island. It is the biggest island located in Great Andaman. This island belongs to the main South Andaman district, which is also a part of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India. This island is situated only 41 kilometers far from Port Blair, the capital city. There are total six villages in the area such as Govinda Nagar, Shayam Nagar, Vejoy Nagar, Krishna Nagar, Nagar and yes Radhanagar. The famous Radhanagar beach in Andaman Islands is located in Radha Nagar village. It is also famous as beach number 7 or 7 number beach. It is considered as the most beautiful beach in Andaman Islands.sunset-at-radhanagar

What to See & Things to Do At Radhanagar Beach

Do you know the key reason behind the growing popularity of this beach? Yes, it is its natural scenic beauty. If you are tired of leading modern lifestyle, you need to get rid of it by visiting at this natural beauty on the earth planet. If you want to get rid of mental stress, you need to spend your time in the lap of nature. Since is among the top beaches in India to visit, you can easily find out all modern tourism amenities at this beach area. Whether you want to enjoy water sports or want to explore the natural beauty, you have lots of things to do at Radhanagar beach Andaman Islands, India. It is situated only 12 km far from the main Havelock Islands. So, if you want to enjoy swimming, sunbathing and yes basking in real sun, you need to unlock the top activities at Radhanagar beach. It is certainly a great tourist spot in India for both i.e. domestic as well as international tourists.
Radhanagar Beach Andaman

How to Reach at Radhanagar Beach

If you want to reach at Radhanagar beach, you should fist visit at Port Blair. Tourists or visitors can easily find out government-owned ferries as well as private cruises to reach at the beach. If you don’t want to visit at this beach using traditional transportation, you can also use helicopter services. You can also avail services of local buses that connect the villages and jetty with each other. You can easily find out buses for transportation on hourly circuit.

By Air

If you are a global tourist, you first need to land in Delhi International airport. From there, you can easily find out direct flights to Port Blair airport. Domestic travelers or visitors can easily find out direct flights to Port Blair from all the major airports in India.

By Train

If you want to make your journey more exciting than ever before, you are advised to look at Indian Railways. All the states are well-connected with each other through Indian Railways.

By Road

Government-owned and private buses, taxies and cars can easily be found out from Port Blair and Havelock Islands to reach at Radhanagar Beach in Andaman Islands.

What Is the Best Time to Visit at Radhanagar Beach Andaman Islands, India?

When you decide to unveil the natural beauty of this one of the most visited natural beaches in India, you first need to know the best time to visit at Radhanagar Beach Andaman Islands, India. From October to February can be a right time to unveil the beauty of Radhanagar beach. During this time the temperature of this island remains about 18 degree Celsius.

Points to Remember When Planning to Visit at Radhanagar Beach Andaman Islands, India

When you determine to visit at this most beautiful natural beach in Andaman Islands, you first need to take a few things into consideration. You aren’t supposed to visit at any tourist destination without adequate preparation. So, let’s have a detailed look at what you should keep in mind while preparing to visit at Radhanagar Beach in Andaman Islands.

  • Before leaving your home, you first need to go through a medical checkup. Since you are going to enter into a new eco-system, you should be ready to face it.
  • It could be a wise decision if you book your air or railway tickets in advance so that you won’t need to face any hurdle.
  • You are suggested to grab adequate information about local people, culture and everyday lifestyle at this most visited tourist destination in Andaman Islands.
  • Before you start your journey towards this most scenic natural beach at Andaman Islands in India, you first need to arrange accommodation for you. For this, you need to search for budget hotels, resorts and other accommodation facilities in and around Radhanagar area. For this, Internet can be a great option to go with.

Choose Best Travel Packages Radhanagar Beach

Whether you want to explore beauty of a natural tourist location or a historical place to visit in India, you would always like to choose affordable option. If you want to make your journey hurdle-free, you should first look at cheap travel packages in India online. Yes, there are various tour and travel agencies that can help you choosing most affordable travel packages online to visit at Radhanagar Beach at Andaman Islands. If you want see other tourist attractions situated in and around Radhanagar Beach, you should not forget asking your travel agent about the same.

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