The Shallow Splendor of Clifton Beach

Clifton 4th (furthest out), 3rd, and 2nd beaches
Clifton 4th (furthest out), 3rd, and 2nd beaches

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Clifton Beach is a whole new course of brilliance where traveler would have an occasion to go topless without thinking much about other thoughts. The shallow mud and sways of palm around makes it completely natural and to enjoy the same traveler comes from every corner of the world. The beach is perfectly located at Cape Town area of South Africa and we know Cape Town has a potential to attract any kind of travelers.

The front of beach is dominated by small stretch of velvety sand and large part of it is covered by blue lagoon. The surrounding area of the beach is lived many tourist resorts and restaurants where traveler can walk in to pinch their hunger and thirst of alcohol.

Traveler must understand that naturism is not a mandate and to some extent it is restricted which means you can’t just go naked to enjoy your advent.
Clifton is considered as heaven for hipsters and jet setters so if you are one amongst those who loves to enjoy the rush of adventure than travel here because blue lagoon is going to offer you something that might take your soul into different flight. While coming here traveler should not forget to bring their essentials to enjoy the course and most interestingly don’t forget to bring shiny tops to match the shine of vast stretch of Clifton.

Nature lovers would surely have their moment as they would love to explore the bounty with their silent thoughts but while walking the coast be aware of naked freaks because that may distract your thoughts.

We would request traveler to write their reviews regarding an awesome floral of beach so that we could add more information and features about the coast.

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