The Most Amazing Place: Lover’s Beach Baja California Sur Mexico

The lover’s beach is positioned on the Sea of Cortez at Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico. This is located on the southern coast of the peninsula facing towards the Gulf of California. This beach is also called as Playa del Amor.Baja California Sur BajaInsider

A Must Visit To This Place

This isn’t just an ideal place for lovers as the name reflects, to be a romantic place. This is indeed a romantic place, but everyone can enjoy fun over here. The Lover’s Beachin Baja California Sur Mexico is a spectacular breathtaking place. The incredible forces of nature and beauty act near the arch, and you didn’t really take a memorable visit if you don’t access this arch.

Baja California Sur Mexico

The towering rock formations, caves, and the crystal clear azure tropical waters are the most amazingly attractive elements over the Lover’s beach. The Lover’s Beach is a photogenic marvel that is hidden behind the Land’s End. The limestone rocks of ancient times are a fabulous work of nature creativity.

The rough current waters create these along the winds of Pacific from millions of years back. But you can reap the enjoyments by the fishing activities.

Playa Santispac - Bahía Concepción

You can find multi-colored fish in plenty in the calm and clear water.  You can enjoy the underwater arena boarding on a glass-bottom boat cruise. Spotting out the natural reefs and the marine life would make you overwhelmed.

What Is the Mode of Transport to Lover’s Beach?

To get on the lover’s beach, you need to access a floating transport. Hiring water taxi is the best suitable option for you. The captain of the boat would take you on a tour throughout the diving areas around the arch. It is quite difficult to get on the foot. The water taxi is the best option for you alike the pirates of ancient times did!

What Activities on Lover’s Beach Can Leave You Enthralled?

You can’t find any special beach arrangements over here. There are no restrooms or showers for the natural settings. You can enjoy Scuba dive with the special gears which you need to take along with you.


You can get beach umbrellas which are rarely arranged by local businesses. You take an excursion trip round the arch on the boat. Fishing is one of the most loved activities over here. As a photogenic location, you can carry our camera along to capture some incredible momentums with the awesome background of nature. Swimming and snorkeling with the marine world would make your trip memorable.


Few Advisory Tips You Need To Follow


It is advised to pack your lunch, water, and other requirements along with you because there are no available facilities over here. Swimming could sometimes be dangerous in the Pacific region as tides and waves carry currents. It is advised to avoid swimming near the Pacific. You may not find boats after 5 pm so plan your trip accordingly.

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