The Incomplete Story of Aath Haveli- Come and Learn

When you think about Rajasthan, what comes first in the mind is sand dunes and desert. But the second thing that strikes in is beautiful architecture that resides in every haveli and royal palaces.

Am I right? Well, definitely, I will be.

But do you know, which city of the state is well-preserved in the terms of haveli and royal architecture?

Nawalgarh, a small region located in Shekhawati that is best known as the hub of Forts, Havelis and Fresco. And if you have to take an example, then here it is, Aath Haveli.

Shekhawati- the richness in Havelis comes from here

Shekhawati is the prime region where Nawalgarh is located and thus these magnificent haveli. It is the northern part of Rajasthan and it is explicitly magnificent on the art and rural culture. This reason itself boat an array of Havelis, which are now open for local visits but earlier were very private.

Earlier, these haveli were residential point of the businessman and traders who enthralled here and made this region as a busiest trader’s market. But soon the charm was gone and history, pilled the brightness of the region under the new stories. However, if you will get time to visit here, you will see that the soul of the region is still alive and the reason is these havelis.
They have still kept the city lively and flourishing. Most of the tourists come to this place just because of these havelis of which the prominent one is Aath Haveli. Let us read more about it.

About the prominent haveli of Shekhavati- Aath Haveli

The Aath Haveli is situated in Nawalgarh and it is among the most acclaimed havelis of Rajasthan. Located on the western side of Nawalgarh Fort; it is another stupendous architecture that art and artisanship well preserved.
The best part is that this haveli is well connected with transport and resorts in Rajasthan so that you can have good time residing here.

A walkthrough- The History

Aath implies a Hindi word, which means eight. But the contrasting fact here to note is that, this collection only has six havelis with incomplete ones. Therefore, if you ask what is the incomplete story about this haveli, then it is clear that it never got complete. Rest the place and beauty at its best with some of the fresh Fresco and artwork.

Structural significance

The haveli has a giant entrance, which is beautifully carved. The gatewayswere formed to relish the association with traders and merchant so that they can allow the trading of Opium, etc. so, in actually, this giant entrance helped in bringing the trade on the city.

Places other than Aath Haveli to visit

While you visit the most renowned haveli of Nawalgarh, Shekhawati, you should not also miss the other parts that are equally rich and beautiful like the Aath Haveli. But to reach such places, you will have to visit the below mentioned-

  • Parsurampura
  • Ramgarh
  • Mukundgarh
  • Nawalgarh
  • Jhunjhunu

Also, while you visit these places, make sure you stay at one of the top hotels in Rajasthan. You will get the hospitality to never forget.


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