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Real Paella spanish cuisineSpanish cuisine consists of a great variety of dishes which stem from differences in geography, culture and climate. it is heavily influenced by seafood available from the waters that surround the country, and reflects the country’s deep Mediterranean roots. Spain’s extensive history with many cultural influences has led to a unique cuisine. In particular, three main divisions are easily identified Mediterranean Spain – all such coastal regions, from Catalonia to Andalusia heavy use of seafood, such as pescaíto frito several cold soups like gazpacho and many rice-based dishes like paella and arroz negro from Catalonia Inner Spain has hot, thick soups such as the bread and garlic-based Castilian soup, along with substantious stews such as cocido madrileño. Food is traditionally conserved by salting, like Spanish ham, or immersed in olive oil, like Manchego cheese Atlantic Spain – the whole Northern coast, including Asturian, Basque, Cantabrian and Galician cuisine has vegetable and fish-based stews like pote gallego and marmitako. Also, the lightly cured lacón ham. The most known North countries cuisine often rely on the captures from close or distant seas, like the Basque-style cod, albacore or anchovy or the Galician octopus-based polbo á feira and shellfish dishes.

From affordable restaurants to luxury dining, afternoon tea to Sunday roast, enjoy fresh, local produce and some tasty, traditional European food at one of the fine restaurants in any city. Travellers may complete a heritage day out with a meal at one of the top museum restaurants hosting fresh, healthy and delicious gourmet to the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the cities. There are numerous restaurants, coffee shops and bars serving French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese cuisine. Some high-profile outlets are available that offer a unique experience al fresco dining . where you can dine on a chic roof terrace, and meander through a created landscape or a Spanish garden, walking past a stream or a pond with sculptures, flamingos and ducks. There are oceans of kitchens which offer seasonal dishes, home-made ice-cream, sandwiches and afternoon tea, along with several eateries and pavement dining courts where you can dream in a wonderland amidst olive and palm trees. It would be delectable to be able to relish the classic wines, and wine-blended dishes along with some exotic sweets as in liqueur and liquor chocolates and truffles, cakes and patisserie!

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In Seville, specifically…..the tapas scene is one of the main cultural attractions of the city. people go from one bar to another, enjoying small dishes called tapas literally “lids” or “covers” in Spanish, referring to their probable origin as snacks served on small plates used to cover drinks. Local specialities include fried and grilled seafood, including squid, choco or cuttlefish, swordfish, marinated dogfish, andortiguillas, grilled and stewed meat, spinach with chickpeas, Jamón ibérico, lamb kidneys in sherry sauce, snails, caldo de puchero, and gazpacho. A sandwich known as a serranito is the typical and popular version of fast food. Typical desserts from Seville include pestiños, a honey-coated sweet fritter torrijas, fried slices of bread with honey roscos fritos, deep-fried sugar-coated ring doughnuts magdalenas or fairy cakes yemas de San Leandro which provide the city’s convents with a source of revenue and tortas de aceite, a thin sugar-coated cake made with olive oil Polvorones and mantecados are traditional Christmas products!

The Andalucian region has a subtropical Mediterranean climate has a drier summer and wet winter the winters are mild January is the coolest month! The Madrid region features a Continental Mediterranean climate with cold winters due to altitude above sea level, including sporadic snowfalls and minimum temperatures often below freezing. Summer tends to be hot and humid.

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