Surprising facts about the Palolem Beach

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If you are an explorer, then this article will give you a short but notable guide about Palolem Beach, Goa. The Palolem beach is located in the Canacona, the southern part of Goa and is well-famous as one of the paradise beach of GOA. While getting deep into the article, you’ll get more information about the beach; therefore, keep patience and continue your reading.

What are the reasons for getting the region famous? Palolem is being famous for the stunningly beautiful beach without any doubt, but apart from that it is famous for the beach hut accommodation.

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The region is full of resorts, hotels, and guesthouses and so on that appears for offering very wide choice of economical accommodation. Restaurants are filled with delicious yet mouth-watering foods; therefore, more and more foreigners are coming to Goa to have the taste of Indian food while enjoying the beautiful sea.


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The panorama of Palolem Beach is remarkable Palolem Beach elongates between two glorious headlands and the beach is lined with the help of very tall coconut palms. In almost every season hut, resorts and restaurants made up of bamboo are elected along the beach. Of which it allows the tourists to stay right on the sand while only a few meters away from the Arabian Sea. The beach huts are ranging from very basic facilities to somewhat luxurious one. Besides, Palolem Beach offers beautiful accommodations for all types of travellers while the price varies with the time.

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  • A dolphin trip
  • A stone sculpture on top of the Palolem Island
  • Accommodation is very basic and cheap.
  • Flooded with a mix of nationalities and has a unique culture of beach cottage accommodation.


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Becoming more popular as a holiday destination; therefore, people of India along with the foreigners have started visiting Palolem Beach.

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