Single Girl’s Vacation Packing Must-Haves

Travelling solo
Travelling solo has many benefits – you can make your own schedule and enjoy absolute freedom to act according to your mood. Regardless of the destination, a single girl needs the right gear in order to enjoy her vacation. Here are some essential tips you should pack when headed to a dream holiday.
Bring several tank tops or t-shirts to have something to throw over a swimsuit while on the beach or to wear while you’re taking a walk in the city. Choose light materials suitable for the heat and different colors to match the occasions. They can also serve as layers when the temperature drops. Tunics also create a bunch of outfits and go best with leggings. A long sleeve shirt or a button-down comes in handy as a layering piece under a light jacket.

Include shorts, skirts, or long pants in your travel wardrobe, depending on your preferences. Shorts work great for all-day-long lying on the beach as well as for casual evening strolls. Leggings are a good alternative to jeans since you can wear them under dresses on chilly nights. If you decide for tops with bold colors and prints, make sure that bottoms are in neutral shades and the other way round.

Bring several pairs of underwear and two or three bras. Opt for nude tones when choosing bras as they can easily match your shirts. You can also bring a sports bra if you’ll be doing plenty of outdoor activities or in case of long journeys.


maxi dresses
Opt for dresses that are great for daytime activities but can easily be transformed into night outfits with a little help of accessorizing. Prepare on time and take your pick from dresses for sale to save money. A wrap dress always works great, and you can also choose LBDs or maxi dresses in any color to look chic and stylish while on holiday.

No summer vacation can take place without practical one piece bathers, so choose from a wide selection of styles and prints. Be sure to bring two of them with you so that you can wear one while the other is drying. Opt for one in a neutral color to wear it under your shirt instead of bra.

A pair of flip-flops is essential on summer holidays. Also, include a pair of comfortable wedges, sexy high heels for evening parties or black flats in case you’re not keen on wearing heels. Depending on the activities, you might also want to bring sneakers.

Temperatures may vary so be properly equipped with a sweater for breezy nights. Also, consider a light jacket over a t-shirt to stay warm without losing the chic touch.


jewelry to finish up your style

Bring some pieces of statement jewelry to finish up your style. You can also opt for belts and scarves to complete outfits or pop some color to them. Don’t forget a pair of cool shades to make you look trendy while protecting your eyes from the sun.

Beauty routine
Bring only essential pieces of your makeup that can fit into smaller containers. Don’t forget a moisturizer, a make-up remover, cotton buds, nail polish, nail polish remover, and a lip balm. Other bathroom must-haves include a hairbrush, hairdryer, shampoo, shower gel, deodorant, toothbrush, and toothpaste.


Other travel necessities
Don’t forget technical gear, like a charger, headphones, and a camera. While you’re traveling, make sure you have interesting reading material, like books or magazines. Also, don’t forget medicine for motion sickness, pain killers, and birth control pills or condoms to be prepared for everything.
Use these packing tips before you hit the road to ensure an amazing solo vacation.

Peter Minkoff is a travel writer for Voice Boks magazine living in Brisbane and occasionally in Cardiff. Follow Peter on Twitter for more travel stories!

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