Sandy ocean bottom of Grande Saline Beach

Grande Saline Beach is a perfect posh of nature not because naturism is allowed to full extent but because it has nature within its flow that seems to replicate a beauty of paradise. Located within a quaint ambience of Anse de Grande Saline, St. Barthélemy, it’s a different world where seclusion seeks to find peace that it demands. The trend of peace although is glorified by its naturism that seems to attract traveler from every corner but we would suggest traveler to get here early during day time because session of afternoon would be really deafening and noisy.

The beach activities here includes nude bathing, swimming, beach walking etc but apart from that socializing could be another fruitful event that traveler can look to engage their mind with. Nudism is not a mandate so traveler with bit of hesitation can heave a sigh of relief but then you are not guaranteed that you won’t find nude people, during the call of summer its naturism everywhere. The beach resorts and restaurant around provides general service to people beside that perfect environment would give you a reason to enjoy your moment. While coming here traveler should not forget to bring umbrella and all essential things that may prove to be useful during your advent and for naturism you would require little courage to over throw your heart so that you can join the run of naked mild’s.

Grande Saline Beach
Grande Saline Beach

We would like to request traveler to post their reviews regarding an atmosphere of the beach, if they have been here and their valuable note would surely help us to write more information about this splendid naturism beach.

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