Punalu’u Beach Hawaii United States

Punalu’u Beach Hawaii United States is a beautiful beach Na’alehu and Pahala on the Big Island of Hawaii in the United States of America. It is a different types of beach from others as it is famous for black sand that is made of basalt and created by lava flowing into the ocean that explodes after reaching the ocean and becoming cooling down. This type of activity takes place in the Hawai’I Volcanoes National park. What often draws attention of nature lovers towards this beautiful beach is the availability of endangered Hawksbill and Green Turtles that can be seen basking on the black sand.

Source by yelp
Source by yelp

According to those who have explore the beach and locals, swimming area is not good here as it is rocky and can be dangerous to swim. Not to mention the large amount of underground fresh water – flowing in it and making it ideal to see. This fresh water is also very cold and looks almost like gasoline mixing with the water. In local language, Puna Lu’u stands for Spring water dive for as the beach is on the beautiful location with access from the Hawaii Belt Road.Punalu's4

What to See at Punalu’u in Hawaii United States?

As mentioned above, Punalu’u is famous for endangered species of green turtles and Hawksbill, native bees, orange black damselfly and various other anchialine pool fauna. You can see birds near shore and cliffs or over the sea area from upland nesting colonies. You will also see Hawaiian Hawk nesting in the trees at Punalu’u. Not to mention the availability of Spinner Dolphins and Humpback whales – sighted offshore from Punalu’u.Punalu's3

You will also see Hawksbill Turtle that are in the list of endangered species. They are the rarest turtle in the Pacific Ocean. Green Turtle or Honu are also must to see here that feeds on marine plants in shallow waters along the coastline. You will also see endangered species of Hawaiian Hoary Bat that fly over and reside at punalu’u.Punalu's2

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As soon as you arrive here, you will see a different kind of atmosphere and environment. It is an ideal place for picnic and to enjoy your adventurous holidays.Punalu's1

The beautiful beach area is also known for its fish houses or Koa – housing a variety of species of fish live in specific areas offshore Not to mention the pristine, spring fed waters of this area mixing with the salkt water of the ocean to provide you ideal habitat for a variety of fish – living in naturally created houses or Koa.Punalu's

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