Pulau Derawan Indonesia – A Land of Unique Biodiversity

Indonesia is considered among the top countries with amazing natural wonders. There are various islands, beaches, and unknown places available to explore. Whether you want to witness the true beauty of organic wonder or want to know about marine life, you will always find it a great country to visit. However, there are various tourist attractions in the country to determine, but the most significant one is the Pulau Derawan Indonesia. Yes, it is the hot spot for discovering amazing biodiversity in the area.derawan

Derawan Islands or also called Kepulauan Derawan is the official province of local East Kalimantan area in Indonesia. There are various parts of the islands such as Maratua, Kakaban, Sangalaki, Derawan, Samama Island, and various submerged islets and reefs.

Why Should You Visit at Pulau Derawan Indonesia?

It is an obvious question that may hit your head when you are advised to visit at this amazing tourist destination in Indonesia. Actually, it is the best option for the tourists or visitors who want to unveil the mesmerizing world of incredible biodiversity. Since it is a part of famous coral triangle, it contains world’s one of the most incredible marine biodiversity. The Islands feature about 873 species of reef fishes, about 508 species of invertebrates and coral, including a few protected species. Some of these species are coconut crab, two sea turtles, and five giants clam species, and many more. It is considered as the best green turtle breeding area in Indonesia.


Things to Do At Pulau Derawan Indonesia

When you decide to explore this most visited tourist destination in Indonesia, you should be ready to know about the things to do at Pulau Derawan Indonesia. Actually, it is basically a land of incredible biodiversity. If you have keen interest in knowing about the marine life, you should not forget visiting at this tourist destination. Apart from unlocking the natural beauty and sea species, you can also enjoy different types of water sports in and around this amazing tourist destination. Most of the tourists love diving at this tourist destination.Derawan Islands

Best Time to Visit at Pulau Derawan Indonesia

First of all you should avoid visiting at this tourist location during the spring season. If you want to see real natural beauty of this location, you are advised to visit here after monsoon. Moreover, if you want to spend great time in a beautiful natural tourist spot, the best time to get here is from the month of October to February.

How to Reach at Pulau Derawan Indonesia

However, there is no direct international flight system available to famous Derawan, but still tourists can use East Kalimantan international airport to get there. Tourists are advised to first reach at Balikpapan. From this location, they can easily choose to go to famous Berau or Tarakan with tiny plane.

If you decide to go with Tarakan, you will have to continue your journey with three to four hours across the natural sea by a speed boat. In case of choosing Berau, you first need to reach at Tanjung Batu by road transportation. From there, you can easily find speed boat to reach to Pulau Derawan Indonesia.

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