Puka Beach Boracay in Philippines: The Prefect Destination for Beach Lovers

Puka Beach is located at the northern tip of Boracay in the Philippines. This Puka Beach is also known as Yapak Beach as located in Yapak. This beach covers a total land area of 800Mtrs.

Puka Beach ranks the second longest beach that encompasses half of the northern tip. This is one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines. This is a location that is untouched by the modern civilization and is a favourite spot for the travellers.
Puka Beach

Why Puka Beach Is Favourable Than White Beach For Peace Lovers?

In comparison to other beaches in Boracay, the water of Puka Beach is rough and deep. Unlike the powdery white sands of White Beach, the sands in Puka Beach are not powdery. The waters are crystal clear. Puka shells are found in abundant in varying sizes that are scattered on the beach.

These can be used for making necklaces, bracelets, and other handicrafts. Varying hues of blue, green and cyan highlights the cleanliness of the surrounding. This is a perfect destination for motion, music and movement actions which the tourists are found engaged with. The sands of this beach are filled with silica and make it grainy.Puka Beach

As not accessed by modern civilization, you can enjoy the sound of gentle and mild waves that would touch your feet on the white sands. The peaceful environment and picturesque sunset make the trip worthy indeed. Locals congregate at this beach for gathering the Puka shells.

How Would You Travel To This Peaceful Location?

Travelling to this location is very easy and simple. There are two Airports near to the island of Boracay. You can find minivans, vans, coasters and buses from the airport to reach White beach. You can sail on a boat or trike from station 1, 2 and 3. There are different charges as per the travels!Puka Beach1

What All Can You Enjoy At This Less Popular Destination?

The tourists and travellers who don’t love crowded space in the white beach, they love to access Puka Beach and enjoy the silent atmosphere with pure relaxation. If you are a nature admirer, then you can enjoy the destination from sunrise to sunset.

This place is paradise for party lovers. You can enjoy a private stroll along the grainy white sands on the shoreline. There are few shops where you can find products of Puka shells. This destination is not wiser for diving, swimming and snorkelers as the water are rough.Puka Beach4

There are no resorts at this destination, but the restaurant established at this spot serves delicious sea foods. You can enjoy lunch and picnic parties. You can arrange a photographic session at this exciting, picturesque location. You can still enjoy beach bumping at this location.

More Information About Puka Beach

This beach is not as exciting and inviting as other beaches in the Philippines but with a guarantee, you can enjoy the relieving emptiness of the beach. You can make your private moments special at this destination. It is advised to carry your cold drinks and other stuff as you may not find any vendor selling cold sodas or ice cream.

This destination is scarcely populated with trees so you can’t expect any shades at this place. You can enjoy lying on the bamboo beds at the beach. Don’t forget to enjoy fresh coconut water at minimal expenses.

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