Praia do Sancho Fernando de Noronha Brazil – One of the Best Beaches in the World

What kind of name you give it, but the fact is that Fernando de Noronha is one of the must see destinations for those traveling to Brazil (Brasil) that is fabled as an eco-wonderland and a beach-lovers’ Shangri-la, where even the sharks are friendly.
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When you are in Sao Paulo, simply put a question to any local or a tour guide about Fernando De Noronha, you will get chance to hear a lot about it. The beautiful island that was named after 16th Century Portuguese Nobleman has a lot more to explore that is sure to keep you enticed and spell bound. Whether you are a water adventure or water sports enthusiasts, planning to celebrate your holidays in the most wonderful way or want to explore the hidden treasure of western world with greenery and all natural beauty, Praia Do Sancho is a paradise for you.

Praia Do Sancho – a Paradise for Beach Holiday Lovers and Water Sport Enthusiasts

During your wonderful tour to this island, you will get a chance to spend the most beautiful time at Praia Do Sancho – the most beautiful beach in Brazil that is in the list of top ten beautiful beaches in the world. What draws attention of tourists here is clear water and sand ground; while this way is one of the few in which it is allowed to stop boats for bathing purpose without damaging the corals. Crystalline waters and coral banks are making it a paradise for water sport and beach holiday lovers. It is considered as one of the best spots in Brazil for free diving. There are also some other wonderful attractions in nearby area that include Bay of Pigs, Dolphin Watching, Cacimba Do Padre, Bode Beach, American Beach and many others.

Fernando de Noronha
Ideal Beach and Bay for Water Sports and Tranquil Environment

The wonderful location that is ideal for honeymooners, nature lovers, adventure tour enthusiasts and those who love to spend time in the most tranquil way, this beautiful beach and bay is easy to reach either by trekking down a short trail or by sea. The beach is surrounded by native vegetation and high rising cliffs that are making it the perfect place for nature lovers and to see birds in their natural habitat. Not to mention sand at this beautiful beach that is white; while the water is emerald green. This crystal clear water is ideal for diving; while laying down on the beautiful white sand for sun bath is a wonderful holiday experience. Wonderful and amazing adventure activities will keep you surprised; while you will also get a lot more that will surprise you and persuade you for enjoying the pleasant time again.

Paisagens Fernando
Rainy Season Makes It a Paradise

For those who want to sea water world and creatures of the sea, they have plenty of options here. If you are here for the duration of Months from February to June, you will have some better options and of course pleasant surprise as the beautiful beach area comes with waterfalls that are cascading down from the cliffs into the sea. Rainwater makes it possible and truly provides a treat to your eyes. However, the months from February to June are also ideal time for turtle breeding as you can see egg-lying turtles. In this way, it is closed from late noon to early morning.

Choose Attractive Packages to Explore Praia Do Sancho at Fernando De Noronha Brazil

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