Plage Paradiso – The place where you can enjoy the best

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Pondicherry is one of the renowned places in India due to its several tourist’s attraction and sea beaches. The beautifully designed city meeting the international standards of market, hotels, resorts etc. makes the city attractive for the foreigners. The Plage Paradiso or Paradise Beach is one among the most loved and most visited sea beaches in India both by Indians and Foreigners.

The name Plage Paradiso is a French accent and is named so because there are numerous French people living in the union territory of Pondicherry. The beach is one of a kind due to the international standard mostly the French aspect and all the elements of the beach are beautifully designed and well planned. The territory will just be the perfect destination for holidaying.

There Are Various Things That Add Beauty to Paradise Beach and hence is An Attractive Place for Tourists: The beach features some endearing gold beach sands and blue waters that give an awesome experience to the visitors. The visitors fall in love with the sun bathing options that offers them the best way to enjoy water and sun simultaneously.


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Cleanliness of the beach is most focused by the departmental staffs, this offers the tourists to enjoy anywhere at the sea beach. The tourists also experiences resting under the palm trees and breathing the fresh air. blockquote The soft waves and the cool air will add freshness and energy to both your body and mind. Enjoy late evening leisurely walk on the soft sand, watch the moonlight sparkling on refection on the sea water and find the place cherished forever.

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The Paradise Beach has hotels and resorts nearby so that the visitors enjoy an uninterrupted and long stay and enjoy the beach. For the best part, the beach is not over crowded and hence allows a calm and quite atmosphere.

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