Plage de Piémanson France – the Wild Beach to Explore in Summer Months

Plage De Piemanson Beach at Salin De Giraud in France, is the pride of beaches in France between the mouth of the Rhone and the Lighthouse of Beauduc. Counted as the most wild beaches of France, the beautiful beach is extending for over several km with its Camaruge Landscapes. If you are in the summer months of this month, you will see a lifeguard station at the car park area.

As far as the beautiful beach is concerned, it is bordered by small dunes and lakes; while the site is completely untamed. Earlier, it was (until summer 2015) was the largest primitive campsite in France with caravans and cabins that settled on the beach early May to late September.

From the time of 2016, a significant change can be seen as camping is prohibited here on the beach; while the access has been blocked. Not to mention the car park that is allowed from 6 am to 10pm. If you are in your caravan, then chances are completely out of reach to go on the beach. You will see two buildings here that include the Lifeguard Station and the Cabin of the Naturist Club.

The beautiful beach has been drawing attention; while it goes full or beach becomes overcrowd in the summer for the reason of paved road that stops a few meters from the beach – unlike Beauduc where you will see dirt track conditions. Beach is approx 10 km from Salin De Giraud where you can see from Port Saint Louis by ferry.

Called as the France’s last wild beach, it always draws attention of adventure sport lovers and those who are planning to enjoy the real pleasure of their romance. For family holidays, plenty of options to celebrations are here to keep you busy.

The beautiful beach in the heart of Carmargue Nature Reserve has been drawing attention of tourists from across the Europe and worldwide and persuading them to spend the time in a way that you will never see at any other beach. You will see hippies and hobos along with families who have been making the beautiful wild beach in France the ideal destination to explore. You can fashion temporary homes from plastic sheeting and wood.

There are also a number of attractions in surrounding areas. What is more attractive here is the lifestyle that is free from the outside world. Fishing, swimming, surfing, beach volleyball, etc., are different activities and things to do and to get involved in. Local markets, sun bath, etc are also amazing things to do here.

Choosing the right tour package or carry a caravans there to celebrate your holidays is certainly a good way of having more fun and celebration there. You will also get a complete tour guide to know about the weather conditions, best time to explore beaches and a lot more along with a tour guide.

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