One of the Best Visiting Place for Visitors; Bangaram Island Beach

The Bangaram Island beach is one of the most attractive beaches that situated in Lakshwadeep. The beautiful scenery of this beach and the bluish sea magnetize the people. Many people visit this area to enjoy the beauty of nature in their vacations. Bangaram Island is a famous Island, and the greenery view of this island is the main attraction of people.
The rectangular shape Bangaram Island is 8.1 kilometer in length and 4.2 km in width. This beautiful Island is situated more over 400 km off Kochi and 525 km from the port of Kollam in the Indian Ocean. The Bangaram sea beach is one of the most famous tourism places that many people come to visit. The whole Island covers with coconut palms and screw pine.

Opening of Bangaram Island Resort:

In 1974, Bangaram Island Resort was inaugurated for the tourist. Almost 60 cottages are there, and those are luxurious and offer extra comfort to the visitors. This island is renowned for its tranquility. You can easily find numerous birds on this Island. You can get all facilities in this resort. The Seafood recipes of this resort are very delicious. If you want to enjoy some adventure activities, then this is an appropriate place for you.

  • This Resort Offers You Facilities to Do
  • Scuba diving,
  • Snorkeling,
  • Deep sea fishing and

You can to take snaps of graceful fishes, parrots, hermit crabs, sea birds, and puffer fishes.

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Bangaram Island beach is a gorgeous place in reality and the beautiful panorama of this Island always hypnotized the visitors. The blue lagoon and the crystal clear bluish water, enhance the beauty of the sea view. Bangaram Island beach is famous as one the best gateways to the world. You can feel more comfortable on this island because of the cold climate. Rainfall of this Island is limited, and the temperature is almost 25 degrees C to 27 degrees C during the monsoon.

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