Nudity is a next level of entertainment of Nevada Black Sand Beach

Nevada Beach
Nevada Beach

Whale Beach sometime referred as Black Sand Beach is a warm coastline that runs towards the eastern flank of Lake Tahoe in Nevada. The brilliance of the beach is famous for its nude culture although not completely off ward like that of Panama but still a level of nudity that one would experience would be completely different and lucrative.

The beach is sprawled over 100 yards and it can be reached through secret harbor parking area. The stand of colossal rocks that surrounds the site is run by traveler in half naked mood. The location in common refers to ultimate isolation and nudity would not disturb anyone except people enjoying the culture. An essence of bare flesh is a new mode of entertainment and to reach here one would have to hike the distance but then an exception of stripped atmosphere would ring the bell of all to join the party.

Apart from enjoying buck naked culture we would suggest traveler to take part in adventure rush and it could be done half naked to allow cool breeze to interact with the colossal of beach. While reaching here traveler should take an initiative to hump because the glory of magnums of rock shares its name with the beach.

Photo: L. Malcom - Nevada Beach
Photo: L. Malcom – Nevada Beach

Screaming, jumping and loitering naked could be offensive in other area but not here and as trend is growing the price of nudity in America is going down and people are stripping consciously to enjoy their moment of oracles.

Whale Beach
Whale Beach

Location: Lake Tahoe, Nevada
Address: Highway 28
Website: dilligassaloon dot com
Fully Nude

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