Nihiwatu Beach Sumba Indonesia

Indonesia is known as the best tourist spot for visitors who want to unveil the natural wonders. Whether it is about witnessing the wildlife or natural scenic beauty, you will always find this country a great tourist destination. However, there are endless tourist destinations available to see in Indonesia, but the most exciting one is called Nihiwatu Beach Sumba Indonesia. Yes, this beach is basically famous for its amazing natural resources.
Nihiwatu is situated on the Sumba Island in Indonesia. If you want to unlock the world of dumped reef, you need to visit at this most visited tourist destination in Indonesia. This tourist destination has lots of amazing things to witness. Here, you will know about Nihiwatu Beach, what you can do there, best time to get there, and yes how to reach there.Nihiwatu Beach

Tourist Attractions at Nihiwatu Beach Sumba Indonesia

Sumba is considered among the top tourist destinations in Indonesia. There are plenty of tourist attractions available to unlock. Whether you want to enjoy natural beauty of peaceful nature or enjoy diving, you can easily find out plenty of choices at Nihiwatu Beach Sumba. There is no doubt that the main motto behind visiting a tourist destination is to get rid of usual hectic life. So, if you are running after mental peace and calmness, you should not forget unveiling the natural beauty of this one of the best beaches in Indonesia. There are lots of natural wonders to discover at this area. Nihiwatu Beach Sumba Indonesia comes among the world’s top 100 beaches.

Things to Do At Nihiwatu Beach Sumba Indonesia

When it comes to exploring a new tourist destination, most of the visitors first want to explore what they can do there. You aren’t supposed to be an exception. You must like to know what you can do there. So, there are lots of things to do at Nihiwatu Beach Sumba. Let’s check out a few interesting things that tourists can do at this amazing beach.640px-Village-Sumba


Do you love diving? If your answer is yes, then you must visit at this most visited beach in Indonesia. It is the best place for diving lovers. If you want to enjoy real diving, you can easily find out plenty of options to do here. You can make your journey more interesting than ever before.

Watching Natural Beauty

Do you love witnessing the true nature? If yes, then you should not forget bringing your digital camera. You can easily click amazing photos or shoot videos of nature here. Since it is a natural tourist destination, you could be able to find out plenty of natural wonders to click. You can be able to create great memories by clicking still as well as motion images of this beautiful tourist destination in Indonesia.Air_Terjun_Tanggedu,_Sumba_Timur

Sea Life

Are you interested enough in watching the sea life? If yes, then Nihiwatu Beach Sumba Indonesia can be your finalized choice. By visiting at this one of the best beaches in Indonesia, you could be able to witness the real sea life. Whether you want to witness flora or fauna, you can be able to enjoy great sea life.

Enjoy Water Sports

There is no doubt that playing water sports is considered as the best recreational activity. So, if you are a water sports lover, you should not forget visiting at this natural beach. There are plenty of things that you can do here. You can enjoy different types of water sports to make your trip more enjoyable than ever before. There is no doubt that you would always like to visit a tourist destination where you can make your life more interesting and happier than ever before. Therefore, you are highly advised to visit at this most amazing beach in Indonesia.

How to Reach at Nihiwatu Beach Sumba Indonesia

There could be various ways to reach at this amazing beach in Indonesia. If you are an international tourist, you first need to fly from your country to an international airport in Indonesia. From Airport, you can easily find out taxi or car to reach at Sumba.

By Air

International airports at Indonesia are well-connected with rest of airports in the world. So, you can easily be able to grab a direct flight to this country from your native international airport.

By Road

If you are a local tourist, you can easily use road transportation facilities to reach at Sumba.

By Boat

Since you want to reach at Sumba Island, you need to avail services of a boat. It is certainly the easiest way to reach at Nihiwatu Beach.

Best Time to Visit at Nihiwatu Beach

If you decide to visit at one of the best beaches in Indonesia, you can visit here irrespective of time and season. But the best time to visit at this most visited tourist destination i.e. beach is from the month of October to March.

How to Choose Best Travel Packages for Nihiwatu Beach Sumba

Whether you are planning for a group or family trip, you first need to know about the best travel package to reach at Nihiwatu Beach Sumba Indonesia. However, there are various tour and travel packages available to choose from, but you need to choose the most appropriate one. Now, the question arises here how to recognize the most suitable travel package for you. For this, you first need to determine your budget and travel requirements. It is a fact that you won’t like to spend money on something that you really don’t need. Considering budget and your travel requirements can help you ending up with the best travel package for Nihiwatu Beach.

How to Choose Best Budget Hotels in Indonesia

Whether you want to visit at Nihiwatu Beach Sumba or somewhere else in Indonesia, you first need to confirm accommodation. You need to look for a right budget hotel. How to know about the best budget hotels in and around Sumba? For this, you need to search online. There are various websites or blogs that can help you choosing the best hotel to stay in while visiting at Nihiwatu Beach. You can choose a right hotel keeping your specific requirements and budget in mind.

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