Marina Beach: A Great Place for Holidaying

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The Bay of Bengal and some parts of the Indian Ocean add up to make Marina Beach. This natural urban beach is the longest in India and the second longest in the world extending 18 km from Fort St. Goerge in the north to the Besant Nagar in the south. The beach is primarily sandy rather than any rocky beach in Mumbai or Pondicherry. The Beach is strictly prohibited of Bathing and swimming due to dangers but still it is one of the most popular tourism attraction due to its pleasing scenery at the dawn and at the evening. The beach is one among the most crowded beaches in India attracting around 50,000 visitors in a day and mainly on weekends.

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Why It Is Famous:

The beach is popular for its shops and food stalls that offer a great place for the visitors to enjoy different kinds of food open in the cool air.

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The beach has dedicated place for the morning walkers and joggers that makes the people a way to relax in the fresh air during their practice.

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The beach also has lover’s spot, marine aquarium and various memorials and statues that offer a place to hang out for people of all ages.

The beach stretch also has swimming pools that offer the people to bath and bask under the sun. The beach is has watch towers and surveillance cameras that offer safety to the tourists. The beach mainly focuses on women safety. Marina beach also entertains various film shoots mainly Tamil films.

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There are numerous hotel and resorts for the visitors and the tourists available at every price range that means people of any class can book a hotel and have a stay.

Anyway, if you are a visitor to Chennai, then you should make Marina Beach a point. Probably it’s the best place ever to enjoy and hangout with friend and family.

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