Magnificence of South India; Kovalam Beach, Kerala

Kovalam Beach is one of the paradises of South India. It proposes a first-rate miscellany to suit perfectly all occasions and desires of the people. The major attraction of this coastal resort is the three curve shaped beaches that are alienated by stony outcroppings all around.

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More about Its Scenic Beauty:

  • The Kovalam Beach, Kerala is backed by the fertile coconut palms and sheltered by sharply mounting peninsula
  • In the southern part of this beach, there is a lighthouse present that is increasing the scenic view of the Kovalam Beach.
  • The Kovalam Beach is lined with a host of shacks and shops that offers all types of services to the travellers.
  • During the hippy epoch, the Kovalam Beach is full of travellers. Of which it makes the beach one of the most famous traveller spots in India.

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Location and History of Kovalam Beach:

Kovalam beach is located at Thiruvananthapuram city, Kerala. It will be around 16km away from the city centre. The name perfectly describes its significance as a grove of coconut trees is called as Kovalam. People say that a never-ending vision of coconut trees is offered by the village. Ancient history say that initially Kovalam obtain the importance when the queen SETHU LAKSHMI BAYI of Travancore put up her resort in the bay of Kovalam beach. On the other hand, Kovalam Beach come into the sight in early seventies when the hippies are on their way to Ceylonon.

Kovalam Beach further divided into three parts and named as three beaches. Among them the first one named as light house beach, the second one is named as Hawah beach and the third one is Samudra beach.These three beaches are separated from one another by the rocky outcroppings in the 17km coastline belt of Kovalam.

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