Longing For A Quality Holidaying? The Long Beach Should Be Tried This Time

The clement environment of Long Beach has been one of the finest ways to relax. This more than twenty-kilometer spreading beach has been equally enchanting for taking a sun bath and also for a freaky dive into the submarine. Especially, you can’t afford a miss to the majestic views of the sunset here.

Things to Enjoy:

Mesmerizing Beach Views:

Long Beach holds the reputation of being one of the cleanest beaches. The environment here is also pretty youthful throughout the year. If you are longing for witnessing a true golden beach this Long Beach can be the perfect recommendation.

The view of the sun setting underneath the golden water and putting its own tinge, with the influential coconut trees offering the needful complementary effect can turn anyone a photographer.


Long Beach has been one of the favorite stations for the adventure enthusiasts. No matter you are a kayaking expert, a snorkeling passionate or an adept diver, the beach offers best and bountiful scope to fulfill each of the creeds in the best fashion. Otherwise, if you want just to chill and be happy, any point is equally cool for you.

Stay at your resort or hop on to the beach side, the sun bath accompanied by cool breezes show no misery ever. Well, you can make your idea of chilling even exciting by taking the enchanting massage experience here. In fact, Long Beach holds a unique reputation of offering the comparatively cost-effective massage facilities.

Foods, Drink, Party!

For the foodies or drink enthusiasts, Long Beach has been one of the dream destinations. At each step, you are going to find a new taste or something refreshing seafood recipe. A single trip to here is not really enough to taste all these. Talking about the drinks, you are going to have enough options for the soft and hard drinks. Well, those looking for something special, the coconut water drink here is a must try. The fruit juices are equally delightful as well.

No surprise the Long Beach witnesses immense crowd during the celebration occasions. Especially, on the eve of New Year, the crowd accumulations here sometimes get overflowing. One of the prominent reasons behind this is the greater facilities available here for partying.

You can find many camps of overnight parties during such celebrative occasions. Moreover, each amenity for the party being made available at an ease makes the place one of the most favorite among the travelers.


Situated on the west coast of Phu Quoc’s main island, it takes only a few minutes from the Phu Quoc airport. You don’t need to be worry about the roadway communications; there are all means of facilities available here. Considering the frequent visits of the tourists, the number of hotels and restaurants has opened here in plenty. In short, being a traveler, accommodation is never going to be an issue for you here.

Special Mention: Long Beach Village

A tour to Long Beach can never be complete without paying a visit to the Long Beach. In fact, the Long Beach village is going to be the most eccentric and loveliest experience for you. Long Beach Village, often touted as simply LBV is one of the most favorite staying destinations for the tourists over here.

One of the reasons behind can be the ease of communication, though, the village being situated between the airport and Dung Dong town. But, the most prominent one is the attraction of the beach front resorts. Especially, the garden view resorts have been most demanding among the tourists.

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