Long Beach at PhuQuoc Island in Vietnam

The beautiful country if Vietnam is famous for its islands and beaches PhuQuoc Island is one of the most beautiful islands in the country that is a paradise for honeymooners and nature lovers where they have plenty of options to explore some of the picturesque beaches and pristine beauty. Lying in the balmy waters of the Gulf of Thailand, this beautiful island is also counted as the largest island – a home to some of the country’s best beaches. Not to mention the white aura of sand that encompasses the green and forested isles that is 45 km off Vietnam’s Southwestern-most coast.

Dương Đông town market

Every beach is illustrated with a photogenic view and ideal to explore during all kind of holidays and tours. Some of the best beaches include Dai Beach, VungBau Beach, Ong Lang Beach, GanhDau Beach, Sao &Khem Beaches, Long Beach and Rach Tram &RachVem Beaches. Not to mention the beauty of Thom Beach, Cua Can Beach and Vong Beach that has a charisma of their own.

A beach in Phú Quốc
Long Beach in PhuQuoc in Vietnam – One of the Best Beaches in Vietnam to Explore

Long Beach locally called as BãiTrường is a one of the most beautiful and must to see beaches in Vietnam. Stretching for almost 20 km along the southwestern coast of PhuQuoc Island, the beautiful Long Beach is surrounding by the rows of coconut palms – standing along its entire length. Not to mention the yellow sand of the beach that is backed by a grassy verge. For the duration of dry season or from November to April, the water is almost completely motionless that provide visitors a solid reason to spend more days here. It looks like a liquid mirror to the sky.

Phú Quốc coastline
However, southern end of the beach is deserted; while only a few fishing shacks are made of palm leaves that are dotting the shore, served by a dusty, red-dirt road. Central and northern end of the beach is witnessing a large growth in tourism industry. You will see dozens of bars, hotels, resorts, guesthouse, cafes, bars and restaurants. Beachfront space make it perfect; while the paved roads that are leading to Duong Dong Town are giving locals and tourists a reason to spend more time here.
There are plenty of attractive activities to get involved. From fishing to snorkeling, diving, to lay down at beaches, you will be busy for more hours.

Beach in Phú Quốc
Things to Do Here

There are plenty of options and things to do here. Some of them are given below

Taking in a gorgeous sunset is one of the most vital activities to do as the beautiful beaches are known for spectacular ocean sunset. It is also the best evening lookout activities.
Spending time in local night market that is close to beach is also a good way of fulfilling your requirement. It is popular for shopping local items, fresh seafood and drinks. It is also counted as the hot spot for both locals and tourists to congregate at night.
Discovering resorts, bars and restaurants and spending the quality time there, are also wonderful activities to do.
Duong Dong Town is also wonderful place to explore where you will see fishing boats and floating markets. Surrounding area is also wonderful; while the weather conditions are in your favor to provide you some good reasons to spend more time here.

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