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Start with the Kathmandu Sightseeing Tours, including Pashupatinath and Bouddhanath.Experience Kathmandu and its adjacent areas from a different perspective as you explore its natural surroundings across the treks and the mountains! With many included activities and options, like a misty view of the mountains and a visit to a book café or to a religious shrine, the tourists would come away with an appetite-full and complete appreciation of this ancient land. You could begin with a tour of the world heritage sites of Durbar Square and Bhaktapur. The Durbar Square, `durbar’ meaning `palace’ was the city’s legitimate domain of the crowned kings that were once crowned and as such, the square remains the traditional heart of the old town and the most spectacular legacy of traditional architecture. It is easy to spend hours wandering around the Square and watch the world go by from the terraced platforms of the towering Maju Deval to get that unique way of feeling the aroma of the city since the entire Square was designated as a Unesco World Heritage Site.

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Within the square, of course, there is the Royal Palace and many temples built in the traditional Newari pagoda style. The Narayanhiti Palace Museum is a walled palace at the northern end of Durbar Marg and was opened as a people’s museum a few years ago. Full of chintzy meeting rooms and ancient glamor, the palace interior is rather opulent with the highlights of an impressive throne and banquet halls, embracing modest royal bedrooms,adorning the great armchair with built-in speakers. Stuffed gharial, tigers, rhino heads line the halls next to the towering portraits of earlier leaders from the royal family as well as those with international acclaim. The walls peek at a regal lifestyle that for centuries could only be dreamt about, and it would be hard to face the disappointment for not capturing the same on camera as photography is not allowed. It would be ideal to visit the Boddhnath Stupa, one of the largest Buddhist shrines in the world where you would come across several Buddhist monks in prayer in the monasteries surrounding the Stupa.
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Known as Bhadgaon or the city of the devotees, Bhaktapur is a unique old town and since time immemorial lay on the trade route between Tibet/ China and India. This position on the main caravan route made the town rich and prosperous, which in turn fed the cultural life of the city, and that today is a living gem of Hindu temples, pagodas, palaces and monuments, many dating back to the sixteenth century. Swayambhunath is the most ancient and enigmatic of all the holy shrines in the Kathmandu sightseeing tours.

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