Junput Beach- Small Beach Having Enjoyment Limited

The Junput beach is not among the famous and popular beaches in India but it has something to offer. You can enjoy the silent and calm environment over the beach with a rare crowd. The beach is located in the southwest Bengal in India about 145km from Kolkata. It is at a village called Junput which is mainly a dwelling place of fisherman and accordingly the beach gets its name. If you are planning a trip here then you must have some idea about the place so that your trip doesn’t make a waste of time.

  • The beach is about 9 km from the Contai town and 40 km away from Digha.
  • You can reach at the beach either by the local transports available or you can book taxi to reach at the place. If you are by your own
  • vehicle then make sure to drive for contain and take a left turn towards Junput
  • The water is a bit far from the shore and you will find white muddy sand.
  • The calm sea beach is surrounded by the Casurina trees and fir trees that offer a great place for picnic.
  • Near Junput Sea Beach there are other visiting places like there is confluence of the river Ganges and river Rasulpur. If you are there to enjoy at the beach only then make the other places a point.
  • The Junput beach will appear as if it’s your own property as generally there is no crowd and hence no one to disturb you.
  • Near the beach you can also find brackish water fish cultivation and research center and make them a must to visit.
  • The places to eat and drink are rare but still you can find a resort for holidaying.
  • You can find fresh fish and lots of coconut water from the local sellers at very low price.
  • Red crabs on the beach are the most exciting and are found numerously spread over the beach.

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