Interesting Places of Interest to Explore at Hampi

Virupaksha Temple in Hampi, Karnataka (South India)

Hampi is nutshell located at the South western Province within an Indian state of Karnataka. The prestigious landscape of Hampi is renowned for its religious affairs and historical opulence beside that it was a capital of Vijaynagara Empire which is believed to be one of the oldest monarch of Indian dynasty. The historical affluence of Hampi dates back the course of 14th to 16th century and it was during that phase it developed its testimony and manifesto through tremendous architecture and structure. The mythological residues around Hampi are listed under the panel of UNESCO world heritage site and around its periphery you have so much of simplicity and sophistication to appreciate.

Hampi Bazaar

Set adjacent to Virupaksha tempe, the Hampi Bazaar is one of the main attraction or say historic places around Hampi. The streets on either side are dominated by the view of temples beside that the long corridor that you will witness was once the main market of noble family. At present the mart serves as domestic stall to local people where traveler can hop in to do some souvenir shopping beside that they can buy a time to recapitulate the history that still cries a notion of excellence within the street.

Matanga Hill

Matanga Hill

It is a well known tourist spots with winding hill and glistening surrounding. From the main point of Matanga Hill traveler would have an occasion to view the glory of intriguing landscape that rolls and folds along with the view of sunrise and sunset that sinks from the horizon. The picturesque hill apart from tourism potential has historical significance and its mythological tale is associated with the epic of Ramayana.

Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary

Sprawled over an area of roughly 55.87 square kilometer, the Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary is set perfectly within the womb of Bellary district of Karnataka. It was in 1994 the barren land around was declared as protective site by Karnataka government to initiate the project Daroji bear sanctuary. It is amazing to understand that within an elapse few years the whole area was converted into hue of green and then around 120 sloth bear along with 90 distinct species of flying flocks and 27 species of butterflies were introduced in the sanctuary to balance the eco system of the surrounding.

Vithala Temple Complex

The entire property of Vithala temple is renowned for its architectural grandeur, the stone chariot in common is a main attraction of the temple beside that pillared halls that are designed with strokes of sculptures makes it a perfect religious site for traveler to stroll. The temple is dedicated to praise the glory of Lord Vishnu and it has been structured in the form of complex by barring compound walls and gateway towers.

Hazara Rama Temple

Hazara Rama Temple Hampi

Located at the heart of the Royal centre the Hazara Rama temple has a rich history to die for. The temple was constructed by Devaraya 1 during early advent of 15th century and it was a royal court for king and his consort to offer prayers. The temple has a beauty beyond once imagination and an intricate fresco represents the glory of Hindu mythology. The most attractive feature of the temple is its inscription carved at bas relief that portrays the glory of epic of Ramayana.

Elephant Stables

Elephant stables are a colossal dome shaped blinding where ceremonial elephants were hosed by royal household. The architecture columns in common define the brilliance of Indo-Islamic style beside that its historical significance has something for everyone to allure.

Virupaksha Temple
Virupaksha temple Courtyard, Hampi Karnataka
Located adjacent to ancient city of Vijaynagar the temple is dedicated to commemorate an utmost divinity of Lord Shiva. The structure of the temple is an example of brilliant architecture beside that the main sanctum of it has Madapam, three ante chambers, a pillared hall and open pillared hall. The main attraction of the temple is its amazing figurine that represents lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu in their various avatars and incarnation beside that structural location spreads an essence of chronology.

Lakshmi Narasimha Temple

Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple

The temple is specifically renowned for its monolithic structure and the atrociousness of its size which is simply colossal in nature. The temple was commissioned by the king of Vijayanagar Empire to guild the glory of Lord Vishnu and his incarnation Narashima. The main attraction of the temple is a figurine of Narashima that stands at a height of around 6.7 m beside that an image of Mata Laksmi completes the brilliance of the temple.

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