Inspiring water front of Copacabana Beach, Brazil

Copacabana Beach
Copacabana Beach

Copacabana Beach reflects a perfect convergence of land and sea. The vast stretch that opens up to serve local people is lived and enjoyed by native and traveler from every corner of the world.

Located perfectly at bay of Rio de Janeiro, the beach seems to have one of the perfect locations on earth and thankfully naturism is restricted to some extent and you can’t just run naked here.

The beach is a hub of different event and festivals and during such session you would see true color of the Brazil. We would suggest traveler to be here during an eve of New Year festival and FIFA beach soccer world cup to join the real party.

Copacabana beach
Copacabana beach

The hospitality of the beach is one of a kind and its close proximity with metropolis allows traveler to eat, dine, rest and enjoy. The natural environment on the other side of the town and beach is represented by vast stretch of jungle where you can skip for a moment to feel the sensation of Mother Nature.

The beach activities in short would not leave you idol and beach soccer and volleyball are two of the most interesting set of things that you can look to practice apart from socializing and beach walking.

The surreal and unbroken charm should be enjoyed and not polluted in order to respect the vibe of beauty and we would suggest traveler to remember nudity is allowed to certain extent only, so follow the code and enjoy your days.

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