Ifaty Beach: Offering You the Most Surreal and Authentic Beach Sightseeing Experience

Ifaty Beach is a refreshing option for the surfing or adventure enthusiasts in modern times. What makes it distinguishing is that there is nothing artificial about the place. The beach offers you an absolutely authentic feel natural aura.
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Though the place is rural, the tranquility and exquisiteness of the place are much more satisfying than the contemporary ones. Well, fret not; the place has good communication and stays facilities.

Communication: The Path Is Beautiful

To reach the Ifaty beach, you have to reach Toliara. You can have nice roadway communication means from Toliara. It’s just 25 Km away from Tulear as well. The best option would be to take the help of 4WD.

Anyway, the hours of travel through the roadways can simply make your day through the elegant light blue aquatic, perfectly mated by rejuvenating beaches and mesmerizing islet atmosphere.

Activities: Plenty for the Adventure Freaks

There is a lot you can do here at Ifaty Beach. There can’t be any better recommendation than this if you want to take a break from the stereotypic nuclear lifestyle and experience the calming feel of nature. On the other hand, if you are a hardcore adventure freak, especially of trekking, there can be plenty of options available for you along the beach side.

Similarly, the beach has been one of the finest destinations for snorkeling as well. The opportunity of observing the funky activities of cowfish, angelfish, and other aquatic living creatures from very close can be best availed only through the beaches here.

Whale Watching: A Special Mention

However, what makes Ifaty beach the most distinguishing over the globe is the opportunity of whale watching. Boat cruising along with your family and watching the whales live here can be an unequivocal experience for you in a life time. Apart from this, the adventure options like horse riding, trekking, adventure biking, etc. can also be available for you in the best fashion here.

For The Family Tourists:

If you are here with family or not much interested in high-octane action or adventure, the Reniala Forest Private Reserve is a must recommendation for you. There are professionals guides to make you enjoy more than 2k unique species within the reserve.

The more than thousand years old baobab is like a must visit. As a tip, it is recommended to visit here during the early morning hours for the best experience.

The tortoise reserve here can be another fantastic option for the family visitors as well. Especially, the experience of spider tortoises is something you can gather only from here.

Important! Have Some Cash:

It is important here to mention that despite all facilities of accommodations, starting from resorts to restaurants, being available in plenty, one might suffer if he doesn’t come here with enough cash in hand. There is no ATM here.

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