Ifaty Beach Madagascar for Those Who Love Scuba Diving

Ifaty-Mangily – the wonderful village around 25 km north of Tulear or Toliara in Southwestern Madagascar, has become the most popular tourist attraction in Madagascar. Ifaty was a simple village of Fishermen that gained popularity from the beginning due to convenient location behind a large coral reef and the proximity to Toliara. As far as wonderful location is concerned, Ifaty has a number of well-equipped hotels and lodges, where you can organize a trip by Zebu carts, lobster dinners, pirogue journeys and visiting nearby Reniala Reserve along with tortoise village. However, you are advised to avoid hiking alone around the spiny forest of Ifaty on your own. You should walk with tour guide and in a group who is well aware of the hiking routes.

The beautiful location is a paradise for scuba diving along different sites of the coral reefs. You will find a number of training centers offering you scuba diving and providing you all important equipment to enjoy the game in your own way at blue waters and coral reefs. At some places, you may get a chance to meet sharks within touching distance under water. You will have plenty of options to dive or snorkeling inside safe coves. In the month of August, you can see whales passing by the coast.


Activities to Participate In

There are various wonderful activities that will keep you busy during your tour to Ifaty Beach Madagascar. Some of them are the following:
• Snorkeling
• Whale Watching
• Surfing
• Mangrove Excursions
If you are brave enough, you will get a chance to come close to sharks and see whales passing near you in the month of August.

Diving Sites – Don’t Miss to Enjoy during Your Holidays

You will get a chance to choose the best diving site from the available names. Some of the famous sites include:
Bevato – Dive the sandy bottom below 26 meter from the earth! You will dive with Marbled grouper, scorpion leaf fish, blue spotted rays and a group of banner fish that can spot here.
Dippy is another wonderful diving site that is a patch reef between 15 to 25 meters. It is counted as one of the nicest coral patches on the exterior. You will alos see Cleaner shrimp, Porcelain Shells, Nudibranches and a lot more.
Canyons is another alternative, when it comes to choose the best scuba diving option. Not to mention Sandy bottoms of the Canyon where Napolean Wrasse give you company to dive.
Grotte Juliette is also a place for diving through the South Pass where you will get something more in an impressive way. It is an ideal site for honeymooners and romantic couples.
Cathedral in the middle of the North Pass is known for many tunnels, swim-through and arches. 16-meter depth will keep you surprised and persuade you to plan a tour to Ifaty beach in Madagascar again.
There are a number of other popular sites that will surely keep you enticed and will give you solid reasons to explore the wonderful place again and again.
Choosing the right tour package is also a good way of exploring Ifaty Beach. In addition to this, precise information and what to do and don’t do is important. For this, Tips4Holidays has been offering you complete solutions.

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