How To Pack Your Luggage For A 10 Day Trip

We all know the dilemmas of getting your luggage to not exceed the specified weight limit. We also know that somehow, our essentials themselves do not manage to make it in the weight limit.

Since I’m a frequent traveler, I know the difficulties one faces every time they travel, no matter how long the duration of their trip might be. However, I’ve managed to collect some important points that will make packing your luggage much easier for

In case you are travelling alone, on a last-minute-planned kind of trip, you’ll definitely need these pointers.

Let’s get you started on how you’ll be packing your luggage like a pro.

Must-Carry Essentialsthe-suitcase-811122_1920

Things you can’t make the mistake of leaving behind are:

  1. Jeans, pants, slacks: two to three pairs
  2. Shorts, skirts: you’ll be needing something casual on your trip so pack a pair of both of these
  3. Custom made dress shirts: pack a good number of these since you never know when you’ll be needing them, and they also work with everything
  4. Dresses: if you think you’ll be attending a formal event, you’d better pack some of these
  5. Swimwear, nightgowns: an important part of your essentials are night gowns and swimwear in case you need a stress relieving dip in the pool
  6. Lingerie: a good number of these will be needed, at least four
  7. Dress shirts: for different occasions and settings
  8. Coats, sweaters: depending upon the weather you’re travelling in, if it’s winter, pack a coat and at least two sweaters
  9. Toiletries: I don’t think I need to emphasize this
  10. Shoes: one thing you’ll definitely need, pack at least three pairs

Get Your Shirts And Pants In Order

When travelling alone, avoid the hassle that comes with more than one suitcase of luggage. Try to be compact with your belongings and travel with one hand carry only that is the standard size. Not only will you avoid the inconvenience of collecting your entire luggage, you will also avoid wasting time at this and will be able to check in and out more swiftly. Save space by rolling your shirts and pants while packing them, or you could just smoothen, flatten your shirts and pants if they are

Make That Footwear Fit

The downside of packing a number of shoes is that they are so different in their shapes and sizes, which they rarely fit in a symmetrical, practical way. Therefore, your best option is to pack them side by side, and stuff your shirts, lingerie, pants in between them, to occupy the spaces and make it more compact. If you’re travelling for 10 days, pack at least 3 pairs of shoes to be on the safe side. Pack a pair for every occasion you could possibly be attending.

  1. Sightseeing: pack a pair of flats, quite preferably dark in color
  2. Evening formals: pack heels to go with the gowns you’re taking with you
  3. Casual affairs: pack a pair of ankle boots that look chic and sophisticated, you can never go wrong with these.sandals-342672_1920

Foolproof Packing Methods

Your toiletries and important documents like your passport, credit cards, IDs are the most essential part of your packing and one thing that must be done before anything else. If you don’t have your passport with you, you packed in vain; you just won’t be travelling despite your efforts to get everything in order. Pack your documents in a clear file and your toiletries in a Ziploc bag. Your toiletries will include your shampoo, conditioner, face wash, moisturizer and so on. To avoid spoiling your clothes due to a leakage, you need to wrap the openings of all the bottles with tape. This will prevent any disasters from occurring on the trip.iamlakshmirai

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