How To Manage Your Business While Travelling

5 Secrets to Manage Your Business While Travelling

The most common reason people give for not travelling is “work”. While some own and run companies, most others work for them. Managing an online business while travelling might seem far-fetched to most but it is completely possible. It is being done by many digital entrepreneurs all over the globe.

You can be always on the road without making any compromise with your work/business. But with a lack of mental focus and poor management, this decision can turn out to be disastrous as well.

Travelling is addictive. Beautiful landscapes of Italy and KoPhaNgan beach in Thailand can loosen you up to the point where you completely start ignoring your business. I mean who would want to prepare a presentation over taking a swim in the enchanting beach or attend a Skype call over a few beer with the French locals.

Digital Nomad lifestyle might appeal exciting but it has its own share of hard work, management and leadership. It is easy to get swayed away towards the jungle exploration over business networking. This is where you have to draw the line to make sure your business does not suffer.

It is extremely important to strike a balance between your nomadic lifestyle and business. Swinging towards either side would not serve your purpose for taking up digital nomadism. A perfect balance will help you explore the most enchanting places while running your business to its full potential.

Initially, it seems a bit hard because of the always changing time zones and unavailability of resources and people. But gradually the things start getting in place helping you enjoy the digital nomadic lifestyle. Few things you need to keep in mind to increase your work productivity while being on the road are –

1.    Setup a Routine

Although it is hard to develop a clear-cut routine when you are travelling, it is completely possible. Analyze which are your optimal working hours so that you can attain the maximum productivity out of your time. I love to work during themorning for there is no one to disturb and my efficiency is maximum. I try to wind up my work before lunch to explore the place for rest of the day. This serves both my purposes – travelling and running my business.

Sometimes I need to work at different times of the day as well. But with the lifestyle I lead, it does not seem to be problematic at all. This keeps me happy, satisfied, and rich.

2.    Plan Ahead

Planning in advance is indispensable for a digital nomad to stay successful in his/her endeavors. You should have a clear to-do list for the next day and the coming week in advance. Planning the day ahead keeps you focused towards the tasks which are of the highest priority. You get to allot the time which is optimal for the tasks helping you plan your travels as well. You know your duties for the day which helps you increase your productivity in all the verticals.

Planning the week in advance helps in striking a balance between your work and travels. Sometimes you have to work more than the usual and sometimes you get to be more on the road. Planning ahead makes sure that none of them suffer.

Keep a calendar. Make a to-do list. Schedule some work for the days to come.

3.    Clear Instructions to the Team

No matter what type of business you are in, your team of people is your best resource to run your company. People can take the work for granted if their boss is not physically present. When you are travelling, clearly instruct your team about their duties and responsibilities towards the company. Irrespective of your presence or absence, work of the company should not suffer.

Taking regular as well as weekly updates is highly significant. Interact with them on a regular basis to keep yourself updated. This enhances the quality of the attitude your staff carries towards you and your company.

4.    Take a day off from the Road

Dedicating a day just to your work every few days is tremendously effective. It helps you complete all the small tasks, meetings, and calls etc. that get missed because of the travelling. The best thing about taking the day off is that you can enjoy the travelling for rest of the week. Otherwise, worries about the business always prevail at the back of your mind. Utilize this day to respond to emails, conduct Skype meetings, planning for the week and other tasks that are important to your business.

I dedicate every 4th day to work when I am on the road. This undivided attention has been immensely beneficial for my digital nomad journey. This day has more utility than one can imagine.

5.    Say “yes” and say “no”

Everyday, while on the road you are going to meet new people. Most of them would be on a vacation. Their priorities would be completely different from a digital nomad like yourself. Most of them would try to persuade you into their plans. It is your responsibility to say “no” to the ones that do not adhere to your plans.

But do not be resistant on each and everything. Be flexible in terms of the planning you have done for the week ahead. It will improve your management skills while optimizing the “fun factor” while on the road. Ultimately you need to have a combination of leisure and work.

Prioritizing things and taking consistent action would help you achieve the best of both worlds.

The growth of theinternet and online businesses have created an elite class of digital nomads. Digital nomadism is relatively new and still unexplored. It has its own set of pros and cons. But if you own a business and love travelling, there is nothing better than working remotely. With effective management and networking, you can take your online business to unexpected heights. Affirmative and go-getter attitude will make you money while you are sipping coffee in the beautiful Amsterdam.


“This article is written by Mohit Tater who is a SEO and marketing expert and blogs at and Apart from advising clients on SEO and marketing strategies, he also runs an investment firm BlackBook Investments that helps people invest in online businesses and digital assets. When he is not working (which is almost never!) he likes to read, travel the world and connect with other entrepreneurs.”

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