How to Make Your Kuala Lumpur Holiday fun!

Kuala Lumpur Holiday Package

Can you give wings to your imagination to explore a city, with its skyline punctuated by minarets, Mogul domes and skyscrapers? Its colorful, food-stall-lined streets shaded by a leafy canopy of banyan and rain trees.That’s Kuala Lumpur which might not be so old but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in heritage and objects of value. Its historical legacy and salad bowl of diversity is reflected in the museums and various cultural centres……. At some of these you will fawn over the beauty of Islamic art, at others dive back through the eons to learn of Malaysia’s prehistoric past and in others see the finest of textiles but, whichever you enjoy the most, by visiting all of the following you will garner a deep appreciation of all that has gone into making this fascinating city and nation Wouldn’t you look forward to a Kuala Lumpur Holiday Tour Package!!!!!

Tourist Attractions:
Start by orienting yourselves with this Asian Cyber city well, Kuala Lumpur or KL, as it is called affectionately is Malaysia’s bustling capital, packed with historic monuments, steel-clad skyscrapers, lush parks, mega-sized shopping malls, rushed street markets and trendy nightspots. Also included is an essential part of the vibrant mix of incense-wreathed, colorfully adorned mosques and temples of the country’s Malay, Chinese and Indian communities. A reverence for these ancient cultures is balanced with a drive to be plugged into the contemporary world, as evidenced by an exciting contemporary art and design scene and a buzzing digital economy.

It is very easy here to take to the streets here, as it won’t take you long to realise, that despite the heat, this is a city best explored on foot…… Walk and you can catch all the action and save yourself the frustration of becoming entangled in one of KL’s all-too-frequent traffic jams. You would discover that soaring property values are also causing characterful old buildings to be torn down and replaced with bland new towers. Such disruptions aside, parts of KL still retain the laid-back ambience and jungle lushness of the kampung or village. It once was signifying it’s green essence all around the environ!

Read through the historical canvas of this great city and learn that today’s K’Lites are separated by barely a handful of generations from the tenacious Chinese and Malay tin prospectors who founded the city, carving it out of virgin jungle. By the time the British made it the capital of Peninsular Malaysia in the late nineteenth -century, erecting the grand colonial buildings that continue to stand proud, KL had only been in existence for a couple of decades.

Since then, the city has been the scene of history-defining moments for Malaysia Stadium Merdeka was where the country’s first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman punched his fist seven times in the air and declared independence, and the iconic Petronas Towers were officially declared as the tallest building in the world!Listed below are some famous sights leaving you with a comprehensive knowledgeable base to explore the city at your leisure…..perfect for first-time and a reminder for repeat-visitors on the Kuala Lumpur Holiday Package!!!!!!

Move around the Golden Triangle and KLCC area and head towards multiple Kuala Lumpur attractions, making photo stops at the King’s Palace, a symbol of Malaysian sovereignty Centred on Bukit Bintang or Star Hill, the Golden Triangle is roughly the area bounded by Jln Raja Chulan, Jln Bukit Bintang and Jln Sultan Ismail and is home to a cluster of major shopping malls and many excellent places to eat and drink, not least of which is Jln Alor, KL’s most famous food street……the Petronas Towers are shimmering stainless steel-clad towers, the headquarters of the national oil and gas company Petronas, and are the epitomy of contemporary Islamic geometric patterns embossed on the eighty-eight-storeyed Petronas Twin Tower the multifaceted walls and twin spires contain thousands of steel and glass panels. The KLCC Park is the perfect setting to chill at sunset and gaze upwards as the majestic Petronas Towers begin to glow. The twenty-hectare park in the heart of the capital is home to nineteen hundred species of plant life, as well as a jogging track, a paddling pool and Lake Symphony a series of musical waterfalls that come to life twice daily.Galeri Petronas is where you swap consumerism for culture wherein this excellent art gallery showcases contemporary photography and paintings. It’s a bright, modern space with interesting, professionally curated shows that change every few months.Petrosains has kids and kidults excited enough to fill a few educational hours at an interactive science discovery centre with all sorts of buttons to press and levers to pull frolic for the family on the Kuala Lumpur Holiday Package!!!!!!

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