Hong Kong : McDull, The City’s Favourite Cartoon

McDull Avenue of Stars Hong Kong

Your whole family is invited to join McDull, the city’s favourite cartoon creation, to discover the latest attractions in Hong Kong. McDull will introduce you to all the sizzling action and cool events during the summer. Major attractions are also holding exciting programmes. So, join lovable McDull for the adventure of a lifetime in Hong Kong!

The art of xiqu, or ‘Chinese traditional theatre’, is an invaluable cultural asset. Built upon the four standard types of Chinese performing arts…… singing, spoken lines, acting and martial arts which have given birth to more than three hundred generic variants and tens of thousands of plays over a long period of development. The Kunqu opera, which has a history of six hundred years and is considered to be the ‘mother of Chinese Opera’, or `Cantonese Opera’ was included in UNESCO’s list of ‘Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity’……The eclectic world of dance exists in many shapes and forms in Hong Kong, from classical ballet to contemporary Chinese dance, and boasts of a variety of homegrown dance companies and plays host to dance troupes from North America, Europe and the rest of Asia. Latch on to one of these shows on the Hong Kong Holiday Package

Hong Kong Convention Center

This stunning city is perfect for an unforgettable romantic getaway for the newly-weds and romanticism for families!!!!!…….Stay in a swank hotel, enjoy romantic seafood dinners on the waterfront, indulge in shopping for exclusive designer goods, dance the night away in each other’s arms, explore the colourful back streets and temples, hike up hilltops or stroll on the beach at sunset. Hong Kong has it all!

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