Herald of Opportunity of Le Centre Hélio Marin


It was back in 1950, the course of naturism was changed by the blissful attempts of CHM Montalivet and today it is recognized as one of the most prestigious and perfect nude beaches of the world. The perfect location that heralds the glory of Montalivet lures traveler from every corner of the world and since the hospitality of France is renowned across the world, so traveler can just walk in here with their shiny tops to enjoy the moment of their lives. The beach has a camp site where you can walk in to enjoy your private moment beside that there are RV’s and Bungalows where you can reserved your call to spend the moment of your well earned vacation.

We would suggest traveler to walk in at grocery with no clothes for shopping beside that we would also recommend traveler to try nude bathing at water front to experience something different and something new. The resort here seems to provide all the amenities required for making your advent memorable beside that they would organize entertainment programs and adventure calls to contemplate with your thoughts. Restaurants and snack bar around is possibly the best place to hang out after your advent at beach or else you can just enjoy the silent serenity to understand the glory of nature.

We would suggest traveler to write their reviews regarding this amazing beach of France so that we could add more information about the same and it would be perfect if they could add more features and facilities around.

Location: Montalivet, France
Address: 46 Avenue de l’Europe
Website: chm-montalivet.com

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