Haze of Golden Sands and Blaze of Beautiful Bondi

Soon after its establishment in 1851 it became public in 1882 and since then it has never looked back to entice traveler to an outlasting culture of exposure of skin. Bondi Beach is a busy hub and it is located at a distance of around 4 miles from the eastern helms of Sydney’s central business district.
The culture of topless bathing was not familiar until an eve of 1990’s started dominating the frontline of business and trend of beach culture. The level of nudity is not so extreme and it is restricted to certain extent but then exposure in common has so lot to do that it enter into a page of Guinness Book of World Records for hosting 1010 bikini tad woman as a part of swimsuit photo. Through above cited example one can make out what’s the cost of exposure and how it is becoming more surreal and exclusive.
The lifestyle of Bondi is not all about exposure of private parts but a restful environment that contemplates with Italian and Australian cuisine makes it more prevalent and sequential. The beach is not just visited by pre planned people but there are set of traveler who comes here to indulge in lazy work down the shade of murky tint that exfoliates the stress of mind and reveals them to revive the soul.
Beside the coral of adventure rush and splash of water is something more often and then cocktails and campaigns pops out to stream line the mood that does not seem to compromise with anything.

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