Gangtok Tourist Attractions – The Best Places to Visit in Northeast India

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Gangtok Tourist Attractions:
Gangtok, on a Clear day affords excellent views up the Zemu Valley to Kangchenjunga. You may arrange a scheduled visit to the Cottage Industries Emporium with its fine array of traditional crafts including hand woven carpets, shawls and hand carved furniture. It would be greast to visit the Tibetan Institute where many valuable manuscripts are stored after they were brought to Sikkim. Gangtok on a fresh morning meets you all bathed and combed, ready to go to school, its eyes sparkling and a hint of dimples on its hill-child cheeks. Impeccably dressed women go off to work, monks hurry down to the bazaar, young men in shiny jackets amble along and tourists sitting in some cozy corners trying out the sumptuous momos!

In autumn, the tall mountain goddess peak of Kangchendzonga can be seen from hotel windows, restaurants and roads! The town spreads down the hillside with its prettily painted roofs and up on a hill, at Enchey Monastery, young monks cross paths with the crowds as they rush on a path ablaze with coloured flags! This Monastery, meaning the `high strong place’ speaks of enchanting mornings here, where you can hear the hypnotic chants of its habitants during Morning prayers! The Ridge is a walk up the bazaar with a delightful stretch of flat road lined with trees where everyone comes for a stroll, enclosing the White Hall and a beautifully designed palace gate. Near the White Hall, there is a Flower Exhibition Centre where you can see a beautiful display of a stunning variety of orchids.  On this ridge, people would be meeting, orchids being nurtured and an archery competition may be held somewhere, bringing a twinkle in the eyes, especially when your family and children jump with joy, witnessing this skill!  Down in the market, sit on the sunny terrace of a restaurant munching cakes, muffins and sipping coffee as you plan your trip to Nathu La(Gangtok Tourist Attractions) on the East Himalayan Kingdom Holiday Package!
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The Namgyal Institute of Tibetology would have the heritage lovers overwhelmed by ancient statues and artefacts while the more contemporary-minded would be charmed by the beauty, grace and silence of the building. It has a museum that exhibits a rare collection of ancient manuscripts, statues, ritual objects and thangkas.  The exhibition is dominated by a majestic silver image of Manjushri, the Bodhisattva of knowledge that was brought from Tibet! The Himalayan Zoological Park or   the Gangtok Zoo has a lavish hillside haven of wild flowers and misty views. Near the Ganesh Tok Viewpoint, this open zoo sprawls across the mountainous terrain and is a place for long walks and spotting some rare animals. The enclosures are large spaces harbouring a snow leopard, Tibetan wolves, some adorable red pandas, Himalayan palm civets, leopard cats and different kinds of colourful Himalayan pheasants, which are the main attractions!

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