From Swimming to Sunbath, Flamenco Beach in Puerto Rico is going to Give Complete Unique Experience

Flamenco Beach is a worldwide popular beach that is located on the Island of Culbera in the Caribbean Sea. Culebra Island is located on the north-east coast of Puerto Rico that is 20 miles away. Flamenco Beach being enriched with the beauty of nature can be considered as one of the most favourable holiday destination, especially in the days of summer.

Reports declare Flamenco Beach as the 3rd best beach in the world. This is one of the best impressive public beaches in the region. Being a nature fascinating person, you would certainly fall in love with this holiday destination. It is 1.5Mile long crescent to the north side of Culebra.

What All Makes Flamenco Beach Inviting?

Flamenco Beach is widely accessed by tourists from all corners of the world because of its amazing turquoise waters. Being crazy to reap enthrals of swimming, diving, and snorkelling, you can conclude your desires of fun at this beach.

The white sands of the beach would certainly leave you amazed with the soothing environment. In 2016, August, Flamenco Beach was announced as the Blue Flag Beach with international distinction level. If you are planning out any camping or party eves, then Flamenco beach is a great place.

You can also enjoy sports fishing in this area. The waters of Flamenco beach is homing to numerous of rare species of fishes. Parrot fish, wrasse species, blue tang, and several other Caribbean fish species.

A unique experience you could gather is the famous ghost crab. These are widely popular all around the world. This destination is even nesting space for more than 50,000 sea birds, and those are found in abundant in the summer days.

How to Reach This Destination Easily?

It is quite easier to visit this destination. If planning to travel by air then you directly can arrive at Culebra airport. You can get flights to Culebra departing from Luis Munoz Marin International airport.

From the Culebra airport, you can get a direct taxi to Flamenco Beach. You can also travel in a Ferry for which you need to travel to Fajardo and then again to Culebra. It would take you around 50 minutes to travel on a ferry for arriving at the Culebra port. From the port, you can hire a taxi to Flamenco beach.

What Activities Can You Keep Yourself Engaged With?

Swimming and sunbath are the common activities the tourists enjoy at this beach. This beach has shallow water for which this destination is considered as safe for swimmers. You can also enjoy the thrills of scuba diving and snorkelling. Reefs around the beach give the best picturesque to this destination.

You need to bring your boogie boards so that your kids could have hangouts at the beach while you are enjoying swimming deep in the water. Fishing at this destination would give you few exciting moments. Taking a stroll of the marine world and exploring the marine wildlife would be an amazing experience for you. Kids can get themselves engaged in building sand castles or manholes.

If you are not thrilling admirer, or you are bored after the fun, then you simply can take a walk on the beach. If you have any plans for camping, then you can arrange one eve at this beach and make your trip memorable.

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