Ffryes Beach Antigua – famous for having more than 365 beaches

Antigua is famous for having more than 365 beaches that means explore a new beach every day. However, only a few of them are ideal to explore. Among different beaches and beautiful beach resorts, you will find the name of Ffryes Beach – ideal and perfect for all kind of holidays.Ffryes Beach, Antiqua

Ffryes Beach

One of the west coast of the island, is famous for its white sand and picture-perfect backdrop of lush green hills to contrast the dazzling sand and clear turquoise water that is awesome for snorkeling. Reaching there is easy as you can reach by walking from the Cocobay, Jolly Harbour Area as per your choice. It is a paradise for beach holidays lovers and for those who are looking for great fun in the sun and water. Whether you are on your honeymoon tour, family holiday, travelling with your honey for romantic wonders and traveling in a group or alone, Ffryes Beach in Antigua is an ideal place to explore the wonders.Ffryes Beach

The wonderful beach goes during weekends and almost every day of the week where you can see families enjoying picnic and local musicians are making merry. It is an ideal place for beach lovers where they love to explore the real adventure of water sports. There are various water sports activities that they will enjoy here. However, choosing the right package is an ideal decision to explore the beautiful destination and surrounding areas along with having more fun and pleasure of your holidays. You will find yourself completely busy in vibrant nightlife, casinos, beautiful resorts, beaches and hotels along with market places that are making them ideal to explore.Ffryes Beach1

It’s Time to Soak Up the Ffryes Bay Sunny Side

For those beach lovers who are seeking the beautiful beaches that are steer clear of the big crowds and want to enjoy the sparkling blue waters that is perfect for swimming, a wonderful tour to Ffryes Bay Beach is an ideal option. With no rocks or reefs to snag the toes, the beautiful beach is located nearby other beaches that include Darkwood Beach, Coco Beach and Jolly Harbor. If you are looking sun, swim and sea, then don’t go anywhere as this beautiful Caribbean Beach is an ideal destination to provide you a break from your boring time. Serenity and natural beauty is all that will keep you busy for more time and persuade you to plan a wonderful holiday again and again. There is also a lot more for nightlife lovers, adventure tour enthusiasts and those who love to explore the real charm of Caribbean beaches in their own way.

What Attracts towards Ffryes Beach?

There are various wonderful activities that will keep you busy during your tour to this beautiful beach. Some of them are nightlife wonders. You will enjoy activities that include sunfish and cat sailing kayaking, snorkeling, guided nature tours and live entertainment along with a weekly cocktail party when you stay in a beautiful resort. There is no denying the fact that shallow water and gentle slope of the beach are making it an ideal place to explore and enjoy your holidays.

When you are on the tour to explore the wonderful attractions, you will find Jolly Harbor – a short ten-minute drive from the beach is ideal place that is known for offering a variety of activities that include Casino at Jolly Harbor, Taino’s& Millennium Galleries and the Joly Harbor Golf Course. Casinos, restaurants and bars are worthy to visit and to add in your tour package.

Best Time to Visit Ffryes Beach

You can explore the beautiful beach any time of the year. However, time from November to May is counted as the best of the year. June to October is the time of Hurricanes.

How to Reach Ffryes Beach

Reaching Antigua International Airport or ANU is the basic need from where you can take a taxi or bus or minibus. Renting a car is also an ideal way to enjoy your tour here. Public transport systems are also available; but they are not so frequent to tourist spots.

Book an Attractive Package to Explore Ffryes Beach

It is one of the ideal ways of exploring the beautiful Ffryes Beach. These packages are ideal to choose that will provide you the real pleasure of your holidays.

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