Feel the Thrill of Waves at Hot Water Beach Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand

The world famous Hot water beach lies on the east coast of the Coromandel Peninsula, in New Zealand. This exciting and amazing beach is approximately 12KM away than Whitianga towards the southeast and around 175KM away than Auckland. As per expert and experienced travellers, a trip to New Zealand is not yet complete until you soak your body in the hot pool.Hot-Water-Beach-Warning

The Hot Water Beach in the Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand is voted as one of the top 10 Beaches of the world by Lonely Planet Travel Guide. This is located along the Pacific Coast of New Zealand, south of Mercury Bay and at the northeast tip of the Coromandel Peninsula as marked on the map.

Why You Need To Visit This Place?

If you admire thrilling adventures and love to enjoy new experiences, then Hot water beach is the best gallery of excitement. The naturally heated mineral water with bubbles up deep from the ground is certainly an amazing experience. The underground hot springs filter up from the sand between the high and low water tides.New Zealand: Hot Water Beach

This is one of the most popular attractive destinations in Waikato Region that attracts thousands of visitors from local as well as international level. The beauty and the positive environment of this place attract visitors in numbers. The natural springs are found on the opposite to the off-shore rocks on the beach. This holiday destination would certainly offer the best amazing experience.

How to Travel To Coromandel, Hot Water Beach?

Coromandel does have an Airstrip which is 5 minutes away than the destination. If you are traveling from far then, you can land at Auckland Airport which is 2.5 hrs away than the location. You can get a bus to this destination from all locations.Excavations_on_Hot_Water_Beach_-New_Zealand-12Dec2008

The Coromandel town has good proximity, and you can get good options of travelling. You can even drive to this amazing location. You need not worry about the parking place; this destination has amazing parking location just 100Mtrs away than the beach.

Activities That You Can Remain Engaged With?

Visitors are generally found enjoying the spa in the pool dug by self. They enjoy the strange but pleasant feel of lying in the pool of hot water few meters away than the refreshing sea. You must bring your shovel or spade for digging the beach and create your hot water pool.

You can even hire a person from the local cafes to dig a pool for you. You can enjoy sunbath in the sheltered and secluded spots that are a quiet area. If you enjoy surfing the most, then here at the hot water beach you can enjoy breaking waves in moderate easterly swells.

You can enjoy a walk on the beach side with your love life partner! You can take scenic boat trips and take the glance of the natural frame.

Guidelines before Accessing Hot Water Beach

Rip tides conclude that this beach is not suitable for swimming. Bringing your dogs or other pets is not a good idea you could face legal actions. You can’t enjoy camping in this beach.

It is important to carry sunscreen cream and towels along with you for the hot summer days. You can access this place in the cool winters, but the water could be hot enough that you could bear.

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