Feel Outstanding With the Beautiful Scenery of Versova Beach

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The Versova Beach is another main attraction and most popular beach located in the busiest city in India i.e. Mumbai. This is a mesmerizing coast that is a connected to the popular Juhu beach and separated by a creek situated in Andheri. Versova village is situated near to this beach, and many fishing folks live there with their family members. This beach is famous for its popular fish market. You can easily get diverse sea fish from this market at a good price. This beach is covered with rock, and these rocks protect the village and the coastal areas from the sea waves. Versova sea beach is used as Port for the transportation purpose. The sea beach soar lines face the vast Arabian Sea, and you can enjoy the sunset and sunrise view easily from this Beach. Many People from outside always come here to enjoy the experience of this beautiful sunset and sunrise scenery. If you want to feel the real adventure, then this beach is a perfect place for you.

Appropriate Time For Visit:

    • You can enjoy this Beach fully in the month of September to May because in this particular time period the humidity levels are too low, and the weather is outstanding for a visit.


  • Enjoy This Place With Different Activities:



  • Visitors enjoy this sea beach by doing some exciting activities like



  • People can do fish marketing from here



  • Catching fish, always a great experience and many visitors visit this place to feel the real experience.



Taking snaps is a good hubby, and many professional photographers come here to take snaps of the beautiful sea scenery.

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Tourists also enjoy the horse and donkey riding on the sea beach


ISKCON temple is another attraction of this Sea beach. Many people come here to do spiritual worship of Lord Krishna, and this temple is very near to the Versova Beach.

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