Facts You Should Know About Paradise Beach Rab Croatia

Among the 22 sandy beaches on Rab Island, the most famous beach is Paradise Beach or Rajska Plaza which is located in the northern part of the Island. Located in the village Lopar, this Paradise beach is one of the best beaches that can be found in Croatia. This Paradise Beach is spread 2kms wide which is regarded as the heaven for fun lovers.

Why Should You Visit This Paradise?

The Paradise Beach was awarded Blue Flag for its clean and crystal waters. The sands in the beach are fine and bountiful along the Crnika Bay that gives a lot of pleasure to the kids, young and inexperienced swimmers and also the sunbathers. This bay is shallow, and you need to walk along the beach for 100m. Being a sandy beach this is an ideal place for the kids.

The Lopar Bay is located on the opposite side of the peninsula. Crossing the Baska-Lopar ferry lands towards north, you can find several other small bays. The steep barren in the north-eastern part has numerous of naturist beaches. For its high water quality, naturally preserved surroundings and fine sands, this was listed in top 100 beaches around the world by CNN.

How To Get Over The Amazing Island?

Travelling to this popular Paradise Beach on Rab Island, Croatia is easier. You need to reach Jablanac and from there you need to travel Misnjak. Misnjak is the southwest corner on Rab Island.

As it is a popular destination, there is regular bus you can board on to get down at Lopar. There you are in the heaven or Paradise Beach with your family. Reap the fun out of the nature and natural scenario with your family! Your kids would certainly admire this place.

What Activities Can You Enjoy?

There is a lot to do at this Paradise Beach in Rab Island, Croatia. The big sports center in the neighborhood has different playgrounds. These are ideal for playing tennis, volleyball, soccer, basketball, table tennis and miniature golf. This is indeed an ideal place for water sports like scuba diving, bike trails, etc. You can also enjoy parasailing like activities in this paradise beach.

You can find outdoor showers, changing rooms and public toilets on the beach. For enjoying the beach scenarios and your kids watching the play you can get renting deck-chairs and the beach umbrellas.

For refreshments, there are many bars and restaurants and cafes on the beach. You can get varieties of savories and delicacies in these defined bars and restaurants, and cafes. You can arrange a beach party in evening at the beach with your family or friends.

This Paradise Beach is under strict supervision of highly experienced lifeguards, who keep an eye on the tourists and the waters! You can feel safe from 9:00 to 18:00 and make your trip safe and entertaining.

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