Enjoy Your Naked Venture at Valalta Beach Cesta za Lim1 Rovinj, Croatia

It is one of the popular holiday place within Croatia where traveler would have an occasion to take part in series of program that seems to attract couples and traveler from every corner of the world. With series of recreational activities within it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations.

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The huge rock cliff and nasty rock is the place where wilderness gets into action and while walking around you would have an occasion to see naked creatures and excuse us they are not aliens but they are common people like us enjoying the nexus of culture curtained by Valalta.

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Valalta allows traveler to rent a camp and be aware while walking around the site of camp because it could just be more poky then you had expected. Beside that traveler can rent a room to enjoy their sensational night within an open environment of the beach and with room traveler would get buffet service.

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There are bungalows around where you can spend your night and at the end of the day there is naked marina where you are exposed to some fun and entertainment.

Although the culture of nudity is bit extreme but at the same time it is not a compulsion and being a family friendly site you don’t always have to run naked for money rather you could just a buy a time alone to enjoy a mild environment of the beaches.
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Location: Rovinj, Croatia
Address: Cesta za Lim1, Rovinj 52210
Website: valalta.hr
Fully Nude

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