Enjoy the unique and tranquility scenery of Puri Sea beach

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Puri is a famous tourism place and well known for its sea beach. The sea beach of Puri is known as the best among all the sea beaches. Fine white sand and the beauty of sea waves are the primary attraction of this beach.

The Puri sea beach is well connected with the Bay of Bengal. Numerous devotees come here to do a purification dip. Many pilgrimages come here to visit the Lord Jagannath temple, and the famous Puri sea beach is just near to the Temple. The eye-catching sea view of this Puri beach always attracts many peoples of diverse countries in every year.

The Main Attraction of The Puri Sea Beach:

  • Cold wind with beautiful scenery
  • Diverse Sea Foods recipes
  • Morning sunrise scene
  • Beautiful, comfy, and well facilitate hotels

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 Sand art of Puri Beach is another attraction and famous all over the world. Most famous sand artist Mr. Sudarshan Patnaik got many awards from both national level and international level competition. You can enjoy the sunrise and sunset view from this sea beach. Well Managed Sea Beach: Puri sea beach is a well-maintained sea beach and government always takes care of this beach. This is a quiet and clean place and a better place to enjoy the sea bath. Lifeguards are always available beside the sea beach for the protection of the visitors.

This sea beach is known as the golden beach, and the tranquility of this place always enthralls visitors. Boats and Fishing: You can see the numbers of Boats at the Puri sea beach. Fishermen do fishing with their boats in the sea. You can easily find diverse kinds of sea fishes and crabs from this sea beach. Overall this is a beautiful beach and if you ever come to Puri never skips to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Puri sea beach.

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